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SFA Webinar: Identifying, Leveraging Food Trends

Mike Kostyo Buyers' Market Webinar

What is a trend and how does one identify them?

In the upcoming SFA Buyers' Market webinar, “About Understanding Trends: Your Guide to Identifying and Leveraging the Latest Foods, Flavors, & Ingredients,” Menu Matters VP Mike Kostyo will outline how businesses can identify trends, track their lifecycle, decide whether they make sense for their brand, and how they can best be leveraged.

The webinar will take place today, March 28 at 1 p.m. EDT. It is free for members and $19 for non-members. Register now.

"A trend is just a tool for your toolbox, at the end of the day. You first have to know who you are, what your brand stands for, and who your customer is and what they want," Kostyo told SFA News Daily. "Once you know those things, you can determine whether a trend, in whatever form that is, is something that supports your business objectives and ultimately, your consumer."