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Acme Smoked Fish Corporation

Smoked seafood has been an authentic ethnic food staple for Jewish and European immigrants for generations. The process of making smoked seafood at Acme employs recipes and traditions that have been carried for four generations. The smoking for instance continues to be a meticulous step that requires the intervention of a master smoker, who checks quality of every batch at various intervals of the smoking process.

From the 63rd Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 6020)

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Kosher, smoked seafood. Private label. Kof-K


Brooklyn, NY

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The most sophisticated assortment of hot cold and hot smoking equipment in the U.S., we use an assortment of state-of-the-art vacuum packaging machinery, Geba brand automatic equipment, Baader meat bone separators, most of the work is generally performed b



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Acme Smoked Fish Corporation
Acme Smoked Fish Corporation
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Acme Smoked Fish Corporation
June 21

Ready-to-eat Hawaiian Smoked Fish Poke Bowls Now Available From Blue Hill Bay

Ready-to-eat Hawaiian Smoked Fish Pok...

Brooklyn, New York – June 21, 2017 – Acme Smoked Fish Corporation, a family-owned and operated producer of premium smoked seafood specialties, is pleased to introduce its new Blue Hill Bay...

Acme Smoked Fish Corporation
June 19

Smoked Fish Poke Bowls

Acme introduces Blue Hill Bay Smoked Salmon and Smoked Tuna Pokes! Now, the fresh taste of Hawaii in a packaged meal-in-a-bowl. These high-protein poke bowls, in Smoked Salmon and Smoked Tuna varieties, are made of top quality ingredients and responsibly-sourced seafood.