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Cocomels by JJ's Sweets

There is nothing like a Cocomel right now. A delicious confectionary creation that replaces the dairy in caramel with coconut milk (so they’re dairy-free) resulting in a new flavor and textural sensation that many describe as better than traditional caramel. We use premium ingredients (mostly organic), cook them in open copper kettles and make them by hand. We are now even introducing a new look that will match the high quality product, giving them a presence to match their unique flavor and niche. Cocomel flavors: original, sea salt, vanilla, coffee.

From the 63rd Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 5743)

JJ’s Sweets offers you Cocomels, the original, award-winning, artisan-crafted coconut milk caramel. Dairy-free and delicious, Cocomels are made with only the finest sourced coconut milk, premium all-natural ingredients and organic sweeteners. The result is a rich, smooth and creamy caramel confection that is blissfully gluten free, dairy free, GMO free and vegan. It’s a mouthwatering treat that you can feel absolutely good about! Oprah Magazine calls them "transcendent." About JJ’s Sweets...We are a candy company dedicated to new ideas in the world of treats. We draw from the past but are influenced by our desire to see candy evolve into tasty indulgences that inspire the spirit, support our bodies, and are sustainable for the environment. The idea for this company came to me in a dream I had one night. In the dream I saw new candies being created by a kooky Willy Wonka-ish candy man. He was making Ginseng hard candies and other treats that not only delivered in the realm of immediate gratification, but also were healthier for our bodies and contained some functional benefits. They were also unique in their flavors, drawing on old recipes but infused with a modern adventurousness. After months of sitting on this idea I decided to begin experimenting in October 2009. From my first batch candy batch, I had very positive reviews; and when I created the first Cocomel, it was all over. JJ’s Sweets was born! We would make delicious candies out of natural ingredients that were inclusive to most people with food sensitivities. Every Cocomel is a mix of divine inspiration, creativity, love, attention to detail and hard work. We feel lucky to find ourselves in the admirable position of offering to the world little bits of edible joy. We take pride in our products and stand behind what we do. Please contact us with any feedback you might have. We’d love to hear what you think and look forward to building our relationships into the future.


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Cocomels by JJ's Sweets
Cocomels by JJ's Sweets
JJ Rademaekers


Cocomels by JJ's Sweets
April 19

Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Cocomel Bites

Smooth, cream coconut milk caramel, decadent dark chocolate and just the right amount of sea salt perfectly balance these bite-sized Cocomel treats.