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Sweet Pillar

Sweet Pillar is a pioneer in the Middle Eastern confectionery and snack market. We pride ourselves on being Modern Middle Eastern as we use authentic recipes that have been tested, tried, and passed through generations but add out own modern flair. All our products are made in small batches using only the finest sourced ingredients.

From the 42nd Winter Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 5723)

Sweet Pillar™ is a Modern Middle Eastern Food Company.  After founder Nadia Hubbi desperatly and unsuccessfully searched for Middle Eastern food reminiscent of her Damascene roots Sweet Pillar™ was born, a true pioneer in bringing forth Middle Eastern Food to the mainstream market. 

The name, Sweet Pillar™, was inspired by a visit to the Cochella Valley in Southern California.  Deep in the desert surrounded by date farms she stood in awe.  The endless rows of tall date palm trees towered over her and majestically swayed in the wind.  They were reminiscent of giant pillars and they carried sweet dates.  Thus the name, Sweet Pillar™ was born and a brand created.  Sweet Pillar™ is committed to using locally sourced ingredients while staying true to authentic recipes with a sprinkle of modernity.

We strive to take this commitment one step further by our ingredients are sourced in the USA from local California farms. We focus on delivering products with exquisite taste while maintaining the integrity of ingredients and fair business practices.  The result is a product delivered to our customers which promises to be more than a sweet moment, but also a sweet memory to the ancient streets of Damascus, where the inspiration for our products was born.

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Bon Dates, Mamool cookies, Roasted Red Pepper dip (muhammara)



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