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Madison Park Foods

Madison Park Foods is dedicated to using the best growers from all over the world to produce exquisitely unique products. Our Petite Maize popcorn is an open-pollinated corn grown by family farmers. Our MPF line of unique seasonings (great on popcorn and everything else) are complex blends of the world's finest and hand selected spices and herbs. Bloody Mary Seasoning is a 2106 Sofi Finalist!

From the 63rd Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 5222)

The Madison Park Foods' line of products are all made from the finest ingredients that create an exciting and unexpected taste experience.
Petite Maize is  grown by family farmers in the Midwest who have cultivated these special seeds over six generations. Unlike 99.9% of popcorn on the market,  Petite Maize is non-GMO and grown using open pollinated seeds, not hybrid seeds.
The kernels are more delicate, take longer to dry and require special attention  by the farmers, but they are worth the effort!  The result is a small, white popcorn that is naturally hulless; it’s crunchy and has a delicious, natural flavor.       Madison Park Foods’ Seasonings, including our Bloody Mary, Tuscan Verde, Smoked Pepper and Salt, Colonial Tavern and Citron Rouge  were originally created to add a distinct and sophisticated flavor to our Petite Maize popping corn.  However, the unique blend of spices and herbs are so incredibly versatile that our customers have started using them on everything from meat, to poultry, seafood and vegetables…even cocktails!.  Madison Park Foods' Seasonings turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!   


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