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Batch ice cream is crafted from scratch using only real ingredients, By real, we mean ingredients like vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, our own handmade caramel, rather than extracts or flavoring. We do not use lab-developed additives, artificial colors or flavors, or corn syrup of any kind. This passion for using real ingredients, together with our special artisan production processes, results in the purest, freshest, most fantastic tasting ice cream.

From the 62nd Summer Fancy Food Show 2016 (booth 4814)

A 2016 and 2014 silver sofi™ Award winner, batch® ice cream is crafted from scratch with only real ingredients. By real, we mean ingredients like our caramel that we craft by hand, bananas that we roast, and vanilla beans that we steep in cream - rather than extracts or flavorings. As ice cream purists, we do not use any additives such as gums, carrageenan, corn syrup of any kind, or "natural flavors".  With clean and recognizable ingredient lists, our ice creams taste exquisitely delicious. 

Come have a taste of our 2016 silver sofi™ Award flavor - Caramelized Banana & Walnuts.  We offer 9 flavors in total that range from our other silver sofi™ Award winner, Brown Sugar Bourbon & Pecan, to the classics like our Vanilla Bean that we make with real vanilla beans not extract.  

Working with many local and Fair Trade suppliers, we believe in sourcing responsibly.  6 of our flavors are Fair Trade certified™ by Fair Trade USA.  

 Batch's Awards & Accolades include:

- 2016 silver sofi™ Award; Caramelized Banana & Walnuts Ice Cream

2014 silver sofi™ Award: Brown Sugar Bourbon & Pecan Ice Cream (Dessert Category)

- 2013 Best Ice Cream in Boston (Improper Bostonian)

- 2013 Best Scoop in Boston (Boston Magazine)

- Top 5 Store Bought Ice Cream in the US (GQ Magazine)


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