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Steppin' Out LLC

Our products are hand crafted, using locally grown ingredients (when in season) from local businesses. We use only real herbs, dill, spices and peppers in our products.

From the 62nd Summer Fancy Food Show 2016 (booth 5302)

Steppin' Out Foods began making pickled asparagus for bloody mary's.  Customer's suggested we make dilly beans and those were introduced 3 months last.  Jeanne then decided to move forward with developing a pepper spread and after reading various recipes she came up her own that features 4 kinds of peppers, red jalapeno, serrano, poblano and banana mixing in real apple cider vinegar and sugar.  It is sweet with a little heat in every jar.  The spread called Mr. Hot Stuff is a flavor enhancer for cheeses such as cream cheese, baked brie, aged white cheedars etc.  It also bring out the flavor of your favorite seasonings for pork (chops, roast, tenderloin), chicken and turkey.  When you take it off the grill or out of the oven you can baste your meat while it cools.  Put in on a wrap/sandwich as well as grilled and egg rolls or use it in a vinigarette.  

Steppin' Out Foods features pickled asparagus, dilly beans and hot pepper spread.  The asparagus which we call "Five Inch Spikes" (because the jars is five inches or six inches in height) contains 9 different kinds of herbs and is made in cooperation with Penzey Spices.  It also had garlic and uses 5% white vinegar and low sodium kosher salt. The spicy version contains crushed red pepper flakes.

Our dilly beans are a simply mixture of "fresh dill" and garlic. Again the 5% white vinegar and low sodium kosher salt.  The spicy version also had the crushed red pepper flakes and a half of a red jalapeno.  Dilly beans are actually fresh green beans thus the Ms. Dilly Bean and Hotsy Totsy because of the heat.

All of our products are certified gluten, sugar and msg free except of course the pepper spread and contain no preservatives.


Five Inch Spikes, Six Inch Spikes, Red Hot Pumps, Ms. Dilly Beans, Ms. Hotsy Totsy Dilly Beans and Mr. Hot Stuff Pepper Spread


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