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SBS Americas Inc.

With its many years of profound industrial and academic experience in the production of apiculture products, SBS Scientific Bio Solutions LLC, produces BEE’O branded propolis, royal jelly, pollen and honey products based on its contracted beekeeping business model. The appropriate processing methods that allow us to preserve the natural biological activity levels of BEEO branded bee products have been discovered as a result of rigorous scientific research studies carried by our company. These studies confirmed the ability of BEEO bee products to preserve their natural biological activity levels. With the “contracted beekeeping business model” we aim to achieve forward and backward traceability, which is one of the basic principles of food safety. This way, with our motto of “FROM THE HIVE TO THE DINNER TABLE”, we can offer our customers natural and safe be products that maintain their biological activity.

From the 63rd Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 3357)

SBS (Scientific Bio Solutions)  develops new products from natural bee products such as royal jelly, honey and most importantly propolis through a revolutionary production process. Propolis and royal jelly has been known to prevent many chronic diseases, increase energy and productivity and help boost the immune system. SBS has the opportunity to capture a large customer base that historically has not been able to access the benefits of propolis and royal jelly. Using innovative technology, 45 years of experience and know-how, SBS has a vision to be a leader in the sector providing healthy, safe and 100% natural food products.  All bee products except honey in the market are in the form of tablets, capsules, solutions and syrups.  They cannot be consumed as a functional food, they are not biologically active, not standardized and they have low concentration of active compounds. Current suppliers are mainly from China with a lot of quality problems like residues and adulteration. SBS places these naturally healthy products on the market as a spread, all benefits in one food, biologically active and standardized. SBS started sales with BEE & YOU brand in US market in 2016 as there are no comparable functional food spread products in the US. Products in the US are available through online and specialty retail store channels. Our new product; BEE & YOU Propolis Hazelnut Cocoa Raw Honey is Honey/New Product Category 2017 Sofi Award Winner.


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SBS Americas Inc.
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