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Savannah Bee Company, Inc.

We produce and package pure honey's from all over in attractive glassware. Our honey is unprocessed (raw honey). Our honey is arguable the best in the world(based on customer response and world honey show judge). We also offer the highest quality.

From the 63rd Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 4723)

Founded in 2002, Savannah Bee Company grew from a passionate beekeeper, Ted Dennard. Since a young age, he has been spreading the good word of honey! Not just how deliciousit is and what a gourmet treat it can be but also how good it is for you. Research being carried out around theworld today reaffirms what our ancestors already knew. It suggests that honey helps in the healing and sterilizingof wounds and ulcers, in the growth of new skin, and has many antibacterial properties to promote healing.Making honey a regular part of your diet has also been recognized as a way to boost antioxidants in the body andpromote general health and well-being.

Savannah Bee offers single flower artisan honeys, every day honey, honeycomb, and natural health and beauty products with honeybee hive ingredients. 

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Private label, Artisanal honey in 6 different varierds. 20oz bottle, 12.6 oz bottle and jars and 3 oz bottles. Kosher certified Kosher Supec.. of America. HAACP, willing to do samll batches.


Savannah, GA

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Savannah Bee Company, Inc.
Savannah Bee Company, Inc.
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Independent Acct. Manager
Ted Dennard
President / Beekeeper
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Savannah Bee Company, Inc.
May 03

Whipped Honey Original - 12 oz

Savannah Bee spins together honey from the wildflower fields of the Rocky Mountains, forming a crystallized honey that is creamy, smooth, spreadable, and absolutely delicious. This exquisite honey is the ideal complement to warm scones, hot morning coffee, or fresh fruit. This incredible whipped honey will enhance every recipe that calls for honey.

Savannah Bee Company, Inc.
May 03

Whipped Honey Chocolate

We have taken our classic Winter White recipe and whipped in 100% pure, organic, fair trade, Peruvian cocoa powder. The smooth, rich chocolate flavor will leave you wanting more. Gluten-Free. Dairy-Free. Fat-Free. KSA certified. Mention “We’re Hot” for a special offer.