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401 E Las Olas Blvd
Ft Lauderdale, FL, 33301-2210
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Las Olas Confections and Snacks

Helen Grace: Hot Fudge Chocolate, Hot Caramel, Hot Fudge Cappuccino, Truffle Roses,Chocolate & Peanut Butter Easter Eggs, Assorted Boxed Chocolates, Pecan

From the 42nd Winter Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 134)

Introducing Las Olas Snacks and Confections, a new wave of innovation and fun heading your way!   A combination of many great old and new brands, Las Olas is committed to growing your sales of snacks and confections with waves of innovative new products that deliver exceptional experiences, value, surprise and delight!   Las Olas Snacks and Confections has 3 manufacturing operations including two SQF Level II certified facilities that manufacture a wide range of confections including all types of chocolate, hard candies, taffy, toffee, panned and enrobed confections and many, many more.   Our current wheelhouse of brands includes Anastasia Confections, DROGA Chocolates, Helen Grace Chocolates, Kencraft Handcrafted Confections and Williams & Bennett.   Please be sure to stop by our booth and sample our newest (and addictive) confection:  award-winning Coconut Cashew Crunch.

Copacking & Private Label Info


Private label programs, bulk chocolate, full distribution services, R&D programs, Kosher (OU), willing to do small batches


Lynwood, CA (near Los Angeles), Kosher (OU), willing to do small batches

Packaging Equipment

working kitchen kettles, cookers, enrobers


Bags, boxes

We can do small batches



  • Kencraft
  • Helen Grace Chocolates
  • The Toffee Box
  • Williams & Bennett
  • Anastasia Confections


  • Baking Mixes and Ingredients
    • Cake Decorations
  • Confectionery
    • Candy: Candy Decorations
    • Candy: Hard Candy
    • Candy: Lollipops
    • Chocolate: Toffee
    • Candy: Full Line
    • Chocolate: Full Line
  • Baked Goods
    • Cookies

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Las Olas Confections and Snacks
Las Olas Confections and Snacks
Greg Power


Las Olas Confections and Snacks
April 19

Coconut Cashew Crunch with Chocolate ...

Pull up a hammock and experience Coconut Cashew Crunch with Dark Chocolate Drizzle, an addictive crunchy tropical treat, handmade in copper kettles over an open flame with simple ingredients: shredded coconut, cashews, butter, and brown sugar, with a drizzle of dark chocolate and hint of sea salt.