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FoodMatch, Inc.

FOODMatch is an importer and producer of Mediterranean specialty olives, antipasti and ingredients. We specialize in bringing regionally authentic and responsibly produced food to the US market and manage a catalog of 400+ products from 15 countries. Signature brands include: Divina, Barnier, Bobbysue's Nuts, Mama Lil's, Olivista, LaMedina, Esprit du Sel & more. For more information, visit us at

From the 42nd Winter Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 2705)

Specialty Food Importer. Greece: Olives (varietal, stuffed, organic, marinated, kosher) Antipasti (Florina peppers, feta-stuffed Kardoula Peppers, Dolmas, Grilled Vegetables, Gigandes Beans, Pepperoncini, Olive Tapenade and EVOO from Crete. France: Olives (varietal, stuffed, marinated), preserved lemons, mustard, vinegar, cane sugar cubes, sea salt, mini toast, tapenades and choucroute. USA: Roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic, mushrooms, California EVOO and Verjus, bruschetta. Croatia: Fig Spread, Pepper Spread, Ficoco and olive tapenade. Italy: Olives (varietal), Cipolline, Artichokes, Rice, Crostini and Pomodoraccio. Peru: Olives (stuffed), Artichokes, Grilled Vegetables. Denmark: Feta cubes with olives Morocco: Olives (varietal), anchovies. South Africa: Peppadew. India: Cornichons


Andre Laurent, Barnier, Beaufor, Cannone, Comptoir du Sud, Dalmatia, Divina, Esprit du Sel, Fusion Foods, LaMedina, Mediterra, O'Bistro, Olivista, Organic Divina, Peppadew, Renieris Estate, San Marco, Sandamiri, Saint Louis


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FoodMatch, Inc.
FoodMatch, Inc.
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