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FoodMatch, Inc.

FOODMatch is an importer and producer of Mediterranean specialty olives, antipasti and ingredients. We specialize in bringing regionally authentic and responsibly produced food to the US market and manage a catalog of 400+ products from 15 countries. Signature brands include: Divina, Barnier, Bobbysue's Nuts, Mama Lil's, Olivista, LaMedina, Esprit du Sel & more. For more information, visit us at

From the 63rd Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 1974)

FOODMatch is a specialty food manufacturer and importer of global specialty foods spanning 14 countries and 5 continents. Originating from culinary-rich locations such as Greece, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Morocco, Peru and South Africa, our 500+ catalog of items each offer a distinct advantage in quality, packaging and value. We supply dry, perishable and frozen products that are innovative, responsibly produced and all-natural.

FOODMatch leverages its strategic industry alliances and strong relationships with importers, regional distributors, retail chains, multi-unit foodservice chains, and independent end-users to launch and build our brands. We achieve product placement in the highest profile retail and foodservice venues, providing a national showcase for our products. FOODMatch also supplies industrial and private label customers.


  • Barnier
  • Beaufor
  • Bobbysue's Nuts
  • Cannone
  • Esprit Du Sel
  • Fusion
  • LaMedina
  • Mama Lil's
  • Olivista
  • Peppadew
  • Saint Louis
  • San Marco
  • Divina


  • Condiments
    • Condiments: Full Line
  • Food Services
    • Foodservice
    • Private Label
  • Lifestyle
    • Organic/Natural
  • Oils
    • Oils: Full Line
  • Soups, Stews, and Beans
    • Beans
  • Vegetables/Fruit
    • Canned or Preserved Vegetables/Fruit
    • Pickles & Pickled Vegetables

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FoodMatch, Inc.
FoodMatch, Inc.
Deb Woodward
Territory Manager
Brandon Gross
Megan Reedy


FoodMatch, Inc.
April 19

Everything Goes Nuts

Everything you love about the bagel in a unique mix of spiced and glazed cashews, pecans, and almonds. From poppy and sesame to garlic and onion, all your favorite flavors are in this mix.

FoodMatch, Inc.
April 19

Nuts Over Olives

A unique Mediterranean trail mix made from a mix of glazed almonds, cashews, and pecans that are dry-roasted with Divina Greek olives.