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Rishi Tea

Rishi Tea is a leading importer of certified organic teas and botanicals from the most unique, remote growing regions across the world. We offer more than 100 types of loose leaf teas, tea bags, iced teas, micro-brewed chai, tea ware and accessories. As a direct trade importer, our buyers and artisanal blenders are creating blends that are inspired by equal parts modern culinary tradition and ancient herbal wisdom. Discover new teas and join Rishi in leaving No Leaf Unturned™ in pursuit of the most wondrous and colorful tea experience.

From the 62nd Summer Fancy Food Show 2016 (booth 3876)

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Loose leaf bulk tea and tea bags


Milwaukee, WI and China, Kosher, AIB and Organic Certified

Packaging Equipment

Labeling machine and blending equipment


Bags, boxes

We can do small batches



Rishi Tea

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Rishi Tea
Rishi Tea
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Rishi Tea
February 16

Rishi Debuts Craft Brew Sparkling Teas & Botanicals in Kegs

Rishi Debuts Craft Brew Sparkling Tea...

Milwaukee, WI (February 16, 2017) – Rishi Tea, the leading importer brand of certified organic teas and botanicals from the most remote, ecologically pristine growing regions in the world, is...