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Fossil Farms has been bringing sustainably raised, all natural meat and farm raised game to market since day one.

BOONTON, NJ, February 1, 2022: Fossil Farms celebrates 25 years in business. The company which started as an ostrich farm on January 7, 1997, seeking to produce all natural high quality alternative meats for the NY Metro market of chefs and consumers, has grown to be one of the best producers and distributors of all natural meats in the country.

To quote CEO & Founder, Lance Appelbaum, “We strive not to be the biggest, but simply to be the best at what we do.” This ethos is pervasive through all aspects of Fossil Farms’ growing line of products. Careful and scrupulous attention to detail is taken when sourcing their products to ensure optimal animal welfare, health and nutrition. These products are then processed into consumer friendly packaging for use in restaurants, institutions, entertainment venues and home kitchens alike.

Fossil Farms is a diverse organization with national distribution to wholesale accounts, nationwide shipping for e-commerce business, and their own retail store at the Boonton, NJ headquarters, which has recently launched a full service catering company and food truck. When asked about the company’s future plans, Ben Del Coro, VP of Sales & Marketing, says, ”We’re just getting started at 25 years in business, we have several exciting new projects set to launch in the coming months that will make our products more readily available and approachable on a national stage.”

Consumer demand is driving the growth of Fossil Farms, as chefs and consumers seek higher quality alternative proteins, with acute transparency in sourcing. Fossil Farms stands alone in their commitment to sourcing ethical products, establishing equitable partnerships and managing sustainable supply chains.

About Fossil Farms:

Who We Are: Fossil Farms is a mission driven company guided by a few core principles. We don't want to be the biggest, but we do want to be the BEST. That means consistently having the best quality products and the best service in the industry.

What We Do: We are pioneers in healthy and sustainable alternatives to conventional red meat. We specialize in providing the highest quality farm raised wild game, game birds, exotic meats and all natural meats in the country. Fossil Farms ships our products directly to home consumers across the country via UPS. We are, also, a leading purveyor to chefs and food service operators looking to feature uniquely sustainable products on their menus.

Why We Do It: The conventional meat industry needs to change. Whether you call it industrial animal agriculture, concentrated animal feeding operations or factory farms, the fact remains that what is good for operational efficiency is most often in conflict with what is good for the planet and the health of the individual consumer.

The truth is, there is no such thing as cheap meat. The externalized costs of factory farming have negative effects on the welfare of animals, the natural environment and the integral quality of the product itself. We have been challenging the status quo for over 25 years and are driven to do things differently in order to make significant impact in our industry and create more access to, and demand for, sustainable and healthy alternatives to conventionally raised meat from factory farms.