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BumbleBar brings on Jake Blaylock, former food safety expert at ADM

Specialty Food Association

Spokane Valley, WA— Jan. 27, 2021  —It’s just business. But in Clean Copack’s case, it’s also personal. The new co-manufacturing division of BumbleBar, Inc recently recruited their Quality Food Safety Manager from Archer Daniels Midland, one of the world’s largest food processing companies.  

“Joining the team at BumbleBar has given me the opportunity to be a part of local company that has a passion for growth and the experience to expand novel product lines into the market," said Blaylock, who formerly led quality assurance and food safety operations at ADM’s milling facility in Spokane, WA.

Blaylock now spearheads Clean Copack’s Quality Food Safety team and oversees the third-party auditing process, which maintains the company’s ongoing certifications. “BumbleBar’s values fall directly in line with my own in regards to fostering a Quality Food Safety culture within our facility,” Blaylock said.

Blaylock earned a bachelor of science from Washington State University’s School of Food Science. He holds several food safety certifications, including Certified Food Defense Coordinator from AIB International.

"It is our pleasure to welcome Jake to the Clean Copack and BumbleBar family. His experience and leadership will help ensure that the clean-label, vegetarian, gluten-free food we make is as high quality and safe as it is delicious," said founder and CEO Liz Ward.

A five-year veteran of environmental monitoring and food safety systems, Blaylock’s experience includes tenures with Glanbia Foods, Washington State University Creamery, and Spokane Produce. His diverse background enabled him to fit smoothly into BumbleBar’s expanding framework. “This is the kind of place that makes you smile when you enter the building. I am ecstatic to be a part of the team,” Blaylock said.

About BumbleBar: Founded in 1995, BumbleBar creates delicious, healthy plant-based gluten-free bars and cookies. The company’s food certifications include SQF, gluten-free, non-GMO, USDA organic, and kosher.

About Clean Copack: Clean Copack exclusively processes clean label portable nutrition in the form of bars, cookies, trail mix and granola. The brand was born from a love of and commitment to creating better food and doing the right thing for people and the planet.