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Dutch Village Introduces New and Unique Line of Premium Gourmet Syrups at the Winter Fancy Food Show

Dutch Village Introduces New and Unique Line of Premium Gourmet  Syrups at the Winter Fancy Food Show

16 January 2024 - Booth # 2546 – Fancy Food Show – Las Vegas 2024 - Dutch Village is very excited to introduce our new and unique line of premium gourmet syrups at the Winter Fancy Food Show this year. Our old-time family recipe originates from western Wyoming where I grew up on the family farm.  It has been a family and fan favorite since the 1950s. I’ve been giving it away for Christmas and other special occasions for 40 years.

Please come by our booth to sample: Classic Original, Salted Caramel, Snickerdoodle Cinnamon, Peach Cream.

Four-generation Recipe

A story brought into a contemporary environment where quality and authenticity matter – a leveling up of the consumer experience. People love our creamy, robust flavors;  all distinct, unique, intentional.  Truly a cross over product, it’s great on pancakes, French toast, & waffles but also remarkable on Fresh Fruit, Ice Cream, Smoothies, Oatmeal, Cereals, Crepes, Scones, Toast Pastries, etc.

Our positioning and packaging are simple and deliberate. Dressed up and professional yet we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Like a tuxedo with the pants cut off at the knees.  So good you can even enjoy it without the waffle!

Why Dutch Village premium syrups: Quality and Flavor really do matter

Our recipe is simple, robust and uses only premium ingredients (Organic Tapioca and Brown Rice syrups, organic milk, sea salt, pure vanilla extract, natural flavors)

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • No preservatives, thickeners, artificial flavors, or corn syrup

Personal, Unique, Intentional

  • Help people be more selective about their syrup choices. Makes breakfast special with a touch of home.
  • Brings your family together, creates an emotional connection, warm, inviting.
  • No more sticky, “all in your hair” messiness…

Consumer comments:

“I warmed up the syrup for my giant pancake. I caught myself lapping it up - I don’t do that with maple syrup.”  Randy

“Oh my gosh grandma! You should have these at every breakfast party!”  Kaydence - 10 yrs old

“I like this syrup because it doesn’t have a sticky aftertaste, rather a nice clean mouthfeel.”    Karen

“I really like your ‘four generation family recipe’ story. It reminds me of recipes special to my family.”   Tia

Founder History - Todd Titensor (CEO)

Raised on a farm in western Wyoming. For decades has considered taking his family’s special Original syrup to market. (with 4 flavors now). He spent many years in the high tech world of several interesting technologies. Retired for 10 years – now driving toward success in the foods market.            801-899-6101          [email protected]

Instagram: @dutchvillagesyrups