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FoodFutureCo Announces Follow-on Investment in Seal The Seasons

Through its premium accelerator program and emerging investment platform, FoodFutureCo helps to create high-impact value for its portfolio companies.

NEW YORK CITY, Feb.5, 2024 – Today, FoodFutureCo and Affiliates (FFC) announces it has invested in one of its most impactful portfolio companies, Seal The Seasons, a standout graduate of cohort 2. The $1M round, co-led by FFC and VentueSouth, will be used to expand their product offerings, including their new line of locally frozen smoothies.

"We are once again supporting Seal the Seasons with our 4th investment. With this round of financing and a profitable 4th quarter, the company is poised to grow significantly in 2024,” said Shen Tong, Managing Partner and founder of FoodFutureCo.

"We are grateful for the continued support from FoodFutureCo and VentureSouth. This investment will play a crucial role in expanding our reach and realizing our vision of making locally sourced produce accessible to consumers year-round,” said co-founder and CEO Patrick Mateer.

FoodFutureCo has been at the forefront of supporting startups that align with our values of sustainability, ethical business practices, and positive societal impact. Seal the Seasons, having completed our accelerator program, exemplifies these values through its dedication to reducing food waste and supporting local farmers.



About FoodFutureCo

FoodFutureCo is the first scale-up accelerator dedicated to mission-driven companies in food and agriculture. We help entrepreneurs with established market traction, generate significant revenue, and “scale up” to the next stage. Upon completion of the accelerator program, portfolio companies are eligible to receive follow-on investment from FutureCo Funds.

About Seal The Seasons
Seal The Seasons is the “Farmers Market in Your Freezer.” It works directly with local family farms on a state-by-state basis to bring their produce from the field to the table of local communities. It freezes the best-tasting fruits and vegetables to offer local stores and households easy access to locally grown foods.