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Introducing the New Swiss "G.O.A.T." Salt: A 500-Year Legacy of Quality and Innovation.

Introducing the New Swiss "G.O.A.T." Salt: A 500-Year Legacy of Quality and Innovation.

Miami — In a tale that spans over five centuries, a Swiss goat herder and his goats stumbled upon a salt in the Swiss Alps that is unlike any other in terms of its origin, quality, and flavor. This exceptional discovery led to the birth of "Sel des Alpes," a brand that has set the standard for salt quality since 1554.

Preserving Purity from Nature's Embrace.

Nestled deep within the Swiss mountain massif, this "white gold" has remained protected for millions of years from environmental influences. Today, it is meticulously extracted from the rock using natural spring water, a process that ensures the salt's original purity remains unadulterated.

A Legacy of Sustainable Excellence.

Over the course of five centuries, production methods have evolved and adapted to meet the highest standards. Environmental sustainability has been a priority since the early days of Sel des Alpes. In a groundbreaking move dating back to 1943, the Bex salt works switched to green energy, harnessing the power of hydroelectricity.

A Salt for Connoisseurs.

Sel des Alpes has become an essential companion for salt enthusiasts worldwide in their culinary endeavors. Join the ever-growing community of loyal customers who rely on the unparalleled quality of Sel des Alpes.

Explore the "Home of Sel des Alpes.

Annually, over 80,000 visitors make the pilgrimage to the mines of Bex, known as the "Home of Sel des Alpes." Here, you can witness salt production up close and personal while enjoying the warm embrace of Swiss hospitality and indulging in culinary delights.

Choose Sel des Alpes for Exceptional Salt.

When it comes to the choice of salt for your culinary adventures, there's only one name that stands out—Sel des Alpes. Join the tradition of excellence that has spanned centuries.

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