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The Danish gourmet-licorice brand reaches a significant milestone in its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has achieved Benefit Corporation (B Corp) status. This achievement makes the brand the first premium confectionery company in the Nordics to receive the certification and marks an important milestone that falls in line with LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW’s core values.

Since the beginning of its story in 2007, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has consistently raised the standard, defied conventional norms and refused to settle for the ordinary. Guided by the mantra of “less but better,” founder Johan Bülow introduced a groundbreaking category of gourmet licorice to the premium-confectionery realm. From that point forward, the company has been dedicated to pioneering change and making a significant impact in the industry, ultimately leading to earning its B Corp status.

CEO Fredrik Nilsson expressed immense pride in the recent achievement, stating, “Attaining B Corp certification is a momentous occasion for LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW. It reaffirms our commitment to making responsible business choices and contributing to the well-being of the planet and its people, all while spreading our love for licorice.”

With nature as its most important supplier, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has become increasingly focused on taking every step necessary to care for the planet. From licorice roots to cocoa beans, vanilla from Madagascar, organic chili from a local farm in Denmark and wild berries handpicked from the forest, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW responsibly sources ingredients and strives to take care of the planet and its people in the company’s practices.

Since 2020, all power needs for the licorice factory based just outside of Copenhagen, where the company meticulously crafts all of its products, have been met with energy sourced exclusively from Danish windmills. In 2019, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW became the first confectionery company in the world to transition to 100% recycled and recyclable (R-PET) plastic-jar packaging. In 2021, the fully organic SLOW CRAFTED collection was launched in recycled-glass jars, and, in 2022, refill bags were introduced. The refill bags not only minimized packaging consumption, but also reinforced the brand’s commitment to making a positive impact that extends beyond profits.

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW’s B Corp certification signifies a comprehensive approach to sustainability, encompassing ingredient sourcing, fair labor practices, community engagement and environmental stewardship. By choosing LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW, consumers are supporting a confectionery brand that goes beyond indulgence, embracing a purpose-driven mission.

The company extends gratitude to its loyal customer base, dedicated employees and supportive partners for their role in achieving this milestone. As LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW continues to redefine the confectionery industry, it invites everyone to savor the sweetness of a responsible and inclusive future.


LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is an international premium confectionery brand offering distinctive products based on innovative combinations of licorice and chocolate, founded on the Danish island of Bornholm in July 2007. Through terrific flavor combinations and tasteful design, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has, in a short time, become one of the Danes’ favorite brands. LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW currently has its own stores in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the United Arab Emirates and Germany, with the products sold through almost 2,000 retailers in 35 countries. The first confectionery company in the world to do so, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has been using jars made from 100% recycled plastic since 2019. For more information, visit

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