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Le Gruyère AOP to Attend Summer Fancy Food Show

Specialty Food Association

Get to Know the Original Gruyère in NYC

NEW YORK CITY — Since 1115, cheesemakers from the La Gruyère region of Switzerland have used their expertise on the processes and the climate in which they work to craft 100-percent artisanal raw cows’ milk cheese.

Carrying the protected designation of origin (AOP) validates Le Gruyère AOP cheeses’ authenticity — they are the original gruyères.

The cheeses have unique terroir thanks to careful raising and grazing — cows’ diets consist of fresh grass in the summer and hay in the winter, never silage or additives. Milk from the more than 1,800 farmers’ cows travels 20 kilometers (about 12 miles) or less to production facilities.

Four hundred liters of milk are needed to make a single wheel of Le Gruyère AOP. The casein naturally found in milk is utilized in cheese-making and provides extra identity and traceability.

With a silky smooth mouthfeel and hard, semi-crumbly texture, full-bodied Le Gruyère AOP cheeses are a top choice with palettes around the globe.

From June 12-14, Le Gruyère AOP representatives will be present at the 2022 Summer Fancy Food Show, presented by the Specialty Food Association, in New York City.

“We are excited to return to the Summer Fancy Food Show to showcase the amazing cheese Le Gruyère AOP producers create with love and the utmost care — respecting the history of our region and the importance of the terroir on the final product delivered to customers,” Denis Kaser, president of Le Gruyère AOP Marketing Commission, said. “We hope those in attendance will visit to try our cheese and see why Le Gruyère AOP — the original — has endured for centuries.”


‚Äč‚ÄčAbout Le Gruyère AOP — Since 1115, expert artisans have crafted cellar-aged, raw cow’s milk Le Gruyère AOP cheeses according to tried-and-true practices in the La Gruyère region of Switzerland. Holding the AOP designation means the cheeses have proven authenticity and specifications and protocols are held to the highest standards.