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Lura's Kitchen, Inc. Introduces Madear's Purple Teacake to Support OASC Scholarship Fundraising Event

Lura's Kitchen, Inc. Introduces Madear's Purple Teacake to Support OASC Scholarship Fundraising Event

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Lura's Kitchen, Inc., a multi-generational California benefit corporation founded on the principle of "Doing business while doing good," is proud to announce the introduction of Madear's Purple Teacake. This special creation is aimed at enhancing the excitement surrounding the Our Authors Study Club, Inc. (OASC) scholarship fundraising event, which will feature an exclusive screening of the musical remake of the iconic film "The Color Purple." The event will take place on Monday, December 18 at 2:00 PM at Cinemark Theatre in Baldwin Hills, CA., 4020 Marlton Ave., Los Angeles. 90008. Tickets are 30.00 and include  the advance screening, of the film, small drink, small popcorn, and the Limited-Edition Purple Teacake and can be purchased online at: Space is limited.

Lura's Kitchen, Inc. recognizes the importance of supporting educational opportunities through initiatives like the OASC scholarship fundraising event. By introducing Madear's Purple Teacake, Lura's Kitchen aims to provide a delightful treat that not only satisfies taste buds but also contributes to a worthy cause. The introduction of this unique teacake flavor adds an extra layer of excitement and indulgence to the event, making it a truly memorable experience for attendees.

Our  Authors Study Club, Inc. has been promoting the study and preservation of Black History continuously since 1945 and remains the hosts of the annual City-wide Black History Month Celebration;  a partnership  they have shared with every Mayor since 1950.  On Dec. 18, OASC will celebrate the founder of Black History Dr. Carter G. Woodson with a birthday party that includes a "Best Dressed Purple" contest, Prize Drawings, A Holiday Popup Shop of Black History Memorabilia for purchase and the feature presentation of "The Color Purple."  As a special treat, all ticket holders will receive the Madear's Purple Teacake as they exit the theater.

Lura's Kitchen, Inc. has always been committed to the values of family, tradition, and celebration. For over forty years, Lura's Kitchen has honored these values through their baking ministry, creating specialty named cookie flavors for various milestones and events. In response to numerous requests, Lura's Kitchen expanded its offerings in 2021 by translating its signature original and traditional recipes into Premium Gourmet Dry Cookie Mixes. These mixes are designed to cater to both novice and experienced bakers, allowing them to create decadent desserts in thirty minutes or less, with minimal mess. The three available varieties include Madear's Old Fashion Teacake (the only Teacake mix on the market), Langston's No-Nonsense Chocolate Chip, and Tura Lura's Chocolate Chip Pecan.

Looking ahead, Lura's Kitchen, Inc. aims to continue expanding its range of delicious and convenient baking mixes, providing individuals with the means to create delectable desserts in their own homes. By staying true to their mission of "Doing business while doing good," Lura's Kitchen will continue to support charitable causes and bring people together through the universal language of food.

For tickets to the event log on to For more information about Lura's Kitchen, Inc. and its products, please visit Hurry, space is limited!

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