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Fourth-Generation Specialty Cheese Company Introduces Snackable Offerings To Join Product Showcase at SFA Live!

January 19, 2021 -- Schuman Cheese, the 4-generation family of specialty cheesemakers, announces the latest launch from flagship brand, Cello, in the form of portable, single-serve pairings. Cello Snack Packs are slated to debut at the second iteration of Specialty Food Association Live! January 19th-22nd.

Right on time for the new year, this latest addition to the Cello portfolio provides consumers with a personalized portion of Cello’s award-winning Fontal and Copper Kettle cheeses in combination with dried fruit and roasted nuts to enjoy on the go or in your living room. With concerns around food safety at a high, the single-serve enclosed packs will further serve as an added convenience for cheese-lovers everywhere.

“As the demand for healthier snack options continues to grow, Cello Snack Packs provide something new and different to enjoy while snacking at home or on the go,” shared Mike Currie, Marketing Director at Schuman Cheese. “Consumers want snacks that are easy, portable and portion-controlled, which is why we have created individualized portions of our most celebrated cheeses in a time when food safety is of the utmost importance.”

With consumer snacking trends only anticipated to grow throughout 2021, Schuman Cheese will welcome this latest offering to an already robust portfolio of snackable options, including:

- Cello Copper Kettle Cup Chisels: Purists will savor Cello Chisels’ bite-size pieces of authentic Copper Kettle Parmesan, which is crafted in copper vats for a distinctively rich and nutty flavor with a cooked caramel finish.

- Bella Rosa Snacks to Go: Cheddar lovers will fall for the quality and convenience of Bella Rosa Snacks to Go with a great-tasting combination of all-natural cheddar, roasted nuts and dried cranberries.

- Vevan Dairy-Free Snax: Crafted by world-class cheesemakers, Vevan is a plant-based taste revolution. Snax is a first-of-its-kind pairing that allows consumers to discover the creamy perfection of Vevan snacking cubes paired with dried fruit and roasted nuts, for a snack that goes wherever life takes you.

In addition to these snack innovations, Schuman Cheese will also be showcasing an array of artisanal cheese offerings from import brands such as Dodoni, El Pastor, and Zanetti.

These products and more will be available and on display at SFA Live! in Schuman Cheese’s virtual showroom. For more details on the showroom, please see here.

About Schuman Cheese

Founded in New York in 1945 Schuman Cheese has grown into a highly lauded leader in the cheese industry, worldwide. For four generations the family has set the standard for integrity, excellence, and loyalty, exemplified by their premium cheeses and lasting partnerships. Today, decades since their first import, Schuman’s team of skilled cheesemakers craft their own world-class cheeses in Wisconsin, adding to their robust import business.  At Schuman Cheese, they take pride in the products offered and remain committed to the mission and values established by Arthur Schuman. Discover their distinctive cheeses and latest innovations Schuman Cheese delights in sharing at

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