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Roland Foods Introduces Seven New Innovation Items to Expand Asian Assortment

Roland Foods Introduces Seven New Innovation Items to Expand Asian Assortment

New York, NY – April 16th, 2024 - Roland Foods, a ninety-year-old purveyor of fine foods and ingredients, is excited to announce the launch of seven innovation items as an extension to their Asian pantry assortment. These new products align with the company’s mission to bring the highest quality global ingredients to every table.

With its commitment to innovation, Roland Foods continues to expand its product range to meet the evolving needs of chefs, home cooks, and food enthusiasts. The newest additions feature a diverse range of Asian ingredients, shining light on traditional flavors and making them accessible to everyone.

One of the highlights of the innovation items is the Roland® Hot Green Chili Crunch. Featuring authentically sourced ingredients like green chili peppers and dried stem lettuce, this product has a satisfying crunch and complex heat. Similar to relish, you can try it as a topper on hot dogs, sandwiches, and pizza or include it in stir-fries, noodles, and more. This product is available in both retail and foodservice-size formats.

Roland Foods is also introducing two new sriracha items, Spicy and Green Sriracha, which showcase a unique array of flavors beyond their more traditional Sriracha sauce. Roland® Green Sriracha is a vibrant, acidic, and flavorful condiment with notes of lemongrass and ginger for an authentic Southeast Asian twist on traditional sriracha. Roland® Spicy Sriracha is a fiery, more piquant version of their existing sriracha sauce, offering consumers a hotter alternative. Both items are plant-based and kosher OU-certified.

Other notable items in the expansion include Roland® Vegan Oyster Sauce and Roland® Black Vinegar. Each product has been carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality and authenticity.

“We're excited to add seven new items to our assortment of specialty Asian ingredients that can benefit both retail and food service customers! We have been focusing our new product development strategy on expanding offerings in existing product categories as well as deepening our breadth of ingredients specific to regional cuisines. These items have been curated and formulated to highlight authentic flavors and incorporate bold ingredients and textures with the hope that Roland® products can help transport your palette to different parts of Asia.”

-Roshni Panchal, Associate Director of Innovation & Product Strategy

The launch of these seven innovation items further solidifies Roland Foods' position as a leader in the specialty food industry. Chefs and home cooks alike can now explore a wider range of authentic Asian flavors and ingredients, sparking creativity in their kitchens and delivering exceptional culinary experiences.

These items will be available for purchase through distribution across Sysco, PFG, GFS, and Shamrock Foods warehouses, and are coming soon to retailers nationwide!

For more information about these new items and Roland Foods' complete product portfolio, please visit to get in touch with a sales representative.

About Roland Foods: Since 1934, Roland Foods has been a purveyor of premium, high-quality global ingredients. With a curated portfolio of over 900 products carefully sourced worldwide, the brand is a trusted resource relied upon by chefs and home cooks. An established brand in the Fine Foods category, Roland Foods aims to inspire culinary curiosity and creativity in the kitchen. Roland Foods - The World at Your Table®

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