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Salsa Queen Unveils Aggressive Price Strategy for Freeze-Dried Salsa

Salsa Queen Unveils Aggressive Price Strategy for Freeze-Dried Salsa

This new pricing structure by Salsa Queen not only ensures cost savings for customers but also provides distributors with enhanced profitability.

WEST VALLEY, UT—January 18, 2024—Salsa Queen, the world’s leading producer of freeze-dried salsa, is reducing the retail price of its innovative and revolutionary freeze-dried product line. During 2023, Salsa Queen made significant investments to lower the production costs and is now passing those savings onto consumers. With a focus on expanding the freeze-dried salsa market across the globe, this new pricing structure will appeal to customers, distributors and retailers.

Consumers will now be able to savor authentic Mexican dips and freeze-dried salsa flavors at reduced prices. The regular 0.6-ounce packages, once available at $4.99, will now be available to purchase at $3.99, a savings of $1 per package. In addition, the 8-ounce “Fiesta” sizes have been reduced from $39.99 to $29.99 for a savings of $10 per package.

Freeze-Dried Salsas (0.6 oz):

  • Mango Pineapple.
  • Red Chili.
  • Roasted Tomatillo.
  • Zesty Cantina.

Fiesta Freeze-Dried Salsas (8 oz):

  • Roasted Tomatillo.
  • Red Chili.

This new pricing tier will make Salsa Queen dips and salsas more accessible to more shoppers. During an inflationary period, this is great news for consumers!

“We believe everyone should have access to the highest-quality ingredients and premium taste of Mexican salsas and dips,” said Jim Birch, Salsa Queen general manager. “As part of our expansion goals, we are passing along these special savings to our customers and distributors. We look forward to working with current and new customers who wish to experience the delicious taste of Salsa Queen products.”

These lower prices for freeze-dried salsa are available starting immediately for both online and distributor orders. To find your nearest store carrying Salsa Queen’s salsa and dips, visit the Salsa Queen store locator. Customers can also purchase these dips through the online store.

To learn more about Salsa Queen or to order dips and salsas for your own store, please contact Jim Birch at [email protected] or (801) 307-8336.

About Salsa Queen

Salsa Queen was started by a single mother to provide for her seven children. Salsas were initially made in their home kitchen, with all of the children helping to prep, fill and package. Since that humble beginning, Salsa Queen has grown rapidly and is now in nearly 1,300 stores across 30 states. All Salsa Queen salsas are preservative-free and bursting with big, bold and authentic flavors. The company is certified 100% woman- and minority-owned.

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