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Specialty Food Association

Food can bring us together! Pocas is a food adventurer that specializes in specialty foods & beverages from around the world. Pocas was founded by Kevin Shin in 2005 in Elmhurst, NY. Delivering all-natural products to markets, especially those in Hispanic communities. Pocas grew from shipping 1 container of Aloe drinks to shipping many brands across the US and over 40 countries. Our goal at Pocas is to expand our network and deliver the best products to our customers.

Showcasing at Winter Fancy Food in Las Vegas 2023 will be Pocas Bubble Tea. They are made with classic flavors like brown sugar and taro and then filled with fan-favorite tapioca pearls. Just let it chill, give it a good shake to loosen up all the tapioca at the bottom, open it, and enjoy! Our newest flavor is Thai Tea, made with strongly brewed black tea. The best part about our bubble teas is that you can take your bubble teas anytime, anywhere. Where would you enjoy a can of bubble tea?

Customers have praised Pocas Bubble Tea saying "tastes exactly like the Thai ice teas I would order from a restaurant". You can find these cans at your local supermarket or order a case from our Amazon storefront.

Whether you buy from online stores or go in person to pick up your favorite drink, travel through taste and experience something new today!