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UnbelievaBuns to make debut at Specialty Food LIVE!

Specialty Food Association

The revolutionary new bread brand that’s changing how bread is made.

UnbelievaBread, LLC, will introduce its high protein, low-carb burger buns to grocery and restaurant buyers at the Specialty Foods Association’s virtual Specialty Food LIVE event Jan 19th through 22nd. The buns, called UnbelievaBuns, have more protein than beef, chicken or pork, have virtually no carbs, are Vegan and non-GMO and are gaining notoriety from some well-known executive chefs.

“We have created a new way to make bread, one that meets the consumer demands of today” says Jerrod Adkins, UnbelievaBuns owner and creator. “Consumers demand more protein, less carbs, less sugar, and our product delivers that” Adkins continued.  UnbelievaBuns feature 17 grams of protein, only 1.8 net carbs, with no added sugars, yet retain the taste and texture of artisanal gourmet hamburger buns.

UnbelievaBuns hopes to tackle some of societies biggest problems: obesity, unsustainable farming for protein, and the proliferation of diabetes. The company lists the problems and how they believe their product can help solve those problems, saying:

- Two-thirds of Americans are overweight and the single biggest reason is the proliferation of refined carbs & sugar in our diets. We will never fix this issue until people can continue to eat the foods they love, like burgers. With UnbelievaBuns, people can eat healthy, guilt-free burgers with all the flavor they are used to.

- It’s no secret that farming animals for protein is destructive to our planet, harmful to the animals & expensive for the consumer. UnbelievaBuns are 100% plant-based (vegan) and have more protein gram for gram than beef, chicken or pork.

- 35 million Americans suffer from diabetes. Our bread will not spike your blood sugar, making it safe to consume for diabetics.

UnbelievaBuns will be available throughout Specialty Food LIVE! at


UnBelievaBread is a privately-owned Limited Liability Company headquartered in Charlotte, NC.

Website: Instagram and Facebook: @Unbelievabuns. Phone: 704-255-5044. Email: