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Upscale the Everyday with Le Gruyère AOP

Upscale the Everyday with Le Gruyère AOP

The Authentic Gruyère Cheese Shines at the Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (Jan. 21, 2024) — The year 2024 is all about upscaling the every day, and visitors to Le Gruyère AOP’s booth can fully embrace the trend at the Specialty Food Association's Winter Fancy Food Show.

From Jan. 21-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Le Gruyère AOP will be present at booth 612 in the West Hall.

Le Gruyère AOP has been made in the Gruyères region of Switzerland since the year 1115. Today, the more than 160 cheesemakers and 1,800 milk producers that make up the Le Gruyère network follow production practices passed down from generation to generation. From hand-stirring in copper pots to marching cows up and down the mountains for the seasonal Alpage variety, Le Gruyère AOP’s tried-and-true practices are sustainable and endure the test of time.

Each variety of Le Gruyère AOP cheese – classic, reserve and Alpage – has a unique terroir thanks to careful raising and grazing. Cows’ diets consist of fresh grass in the summer and hay in the winter, never with silage or additives.

With its silky, smooth mouthfeel, ooey-gooey meltiness, crumbly, semi-hard texture and bursts of crystalized flavor pockets, Le Gruyère AOP is approachable, versatile and always delicious.

“We’re returning to the Winter Fancy Food Show to introduce — or reintroduce — eaters of all kinds to our award-winning cheeses,” Denis Kaser, head of international marketing for Le Gruyère AOP consortium, said. “We want people to experience the original Le Gruyère AOP in all its glory and learn how they can incorporate it into their daily lives.”

Representatives from Le Gruyère AOP will be on hand throughout the show. Please contact Charlotte Lyman at [email protected] or 1-802-881-5262 to schedule a time to meet with them. Stop by booth 612 to see for yourself why Le Gruyère AOP is still the world’s best cheese after nearly 1,000 years.


​​About Le Gruyère AOP — Since 1115, expert artisans have crafted cellar-aged, raw cow’s milk Le Gruyère AOP cheeses according to tried-and-true practices in the La Gruyère region of Switzerland. Holding the AOP designation means the cheeses have proven authenticity and specifications and protocols are held to the highest standards.