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Wild Hibiscus Showcasing a Taste of the BLUES at the Las Vegas Winter Fancy Food Show

Specialty Food Association


Las Vegas, NV 1st February 2022—Attendees at this year’s Winter Fancy Food Show 6-8th of February at the Las Vegas Convention Center will be seeing, tasting and experiencing the BLUES! A blue butterfly pea flower extract that is from the Wild Hibiscus Flower Company.

Once again, the WHFC will be showcasing its wide range of product offerings of all natural botanical extracts, including B’LURE (bee-lure), a liquid flower extract that provides a magical color range from blue to royal purple and pink on the color spectrum when coming into contact with citrus. b’Lure, along with other floral extracts, have been the go-to gourmet product for mixologists, pastry chefs and consumers who appreciate the magic of the blue Butterfly Pea Flower, the flower that Wild Hibiscus creates b’Lure from.

- Deep natural blue color extract produced from butterfly pea flowers

- Butterfly Pea Flowers pigment reacts to pH change (i.e., by adding citrus)

- Obtain colors from blue to royal purple and pink on the color spectrum

- 100% natural

- The original butterfly pea flower extract

- In 3.4oz bottle with dropper for ease of use in cocktails or food dishes

- Add only a few drops in sparkling wine for lavender color, to a full dropperful when layering in cocktails

- Bulk size available for distillers, brewers, beverage companies etc.

Wild Hibiscus is a specialist in Butterfly Pea Flowers with the family company growing this stunning little blue flower, just like their hibiscus flowers, for over 11 years. They use a specialized drying process that stabilizes the flower’s attributes for 3+ years, creating a long shelf life for their products as well as fellow manufacturers who are looking for the same aspects. Tea companies, distillers and breweries are drawn to the flower’s deep natural blue color and color change ability, which they purchase in bulk from Wild Hibiscus. Fun fact there are 7500 handpicked flowers per pound!

Along with b’Lure and other liquid extracts, The Wild Hibiscus Flower Company will be showcasing its Award-Winning product offerings including delicious Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup from Australia, a product used by many mixologists at major hotel and casino properties on the Las Vegas Strip and around the world.

WHFC works with the best of what nature has to offer to make vibrant Specialty Products with intense colors and flavors. Visit us at Booth #4120, Las Vegas Convention Center.

Wild Hibiscus Flower Company - Best Product Front Burner Winner 2019 Specialty Food Association Award

Website: Instagram: @wildhibiscus Facebook: @WildHibiscusFlowerCo