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Yolélé Debuts New Line of West African Inspired Fonio Chips

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Introduces the First Ever Packaged Snack Based on the Ancient Grain

Brooklyn, New York (January 19th, 2021) – Yolélé, Revolutionary African Food company and purveyor of the ancient grain fonio, introduces their first snack product: Fonio Chips, made from fonio and cassava, and available in four flavors inspired by the ingredients and tastes of West Africa.

Each flavor (all naturally gluten-free) is rooted in West African culture and cuisine, inspired by the dishes and ingredients of co-founder chef Pierre Thiam's home country, Senegal. Fonio Chip flavors include:

- Sea Salt: Showcases the toasty flavors of fonio and cassava, the simple base for the chip.

- Yassa!: Inspired by one of Senegal’s most iconic dishes, featuring bright habanero chili, sweet onion, and zesty lime.

- Afro-Funk: Combines spicy ginger with dawadawa, a fermented locust bean found in the pod of a drought-resistant African tree, with a funky umami flavor.

- Greens!: Nutrient-dense moringa leaf and bright, citrusy baobab fruit come together for a tangy, earthy bite.

“There’s no snack product out there that highlights fonio and shares the bold and unique flavors of West Africa the way these chips do. They’re light, crispy, and so delicious,” says Chef Pierre Thiam, co-founder of Yolélé.  “It’s a meaningful moment for us and our farming partners- this is our first fonio product made into a snack. There are certainly people who cook grains at home, but everyone loves a snack! Sharing chips will increase impact and income for our smallholder farming families in the Sahel.”

Yolélé co-founders Pierre Thiam and Philip Teverow have a purpose-driven model that goes beyond delicious food to investing in thousands of rural West African smallholder farmers. They have partnered with organizations on the ground in the Sahel region to establish a sustainable growth model for the tiny, ancient grain that has been cultivated in West Africa for more than 5,000 years. Experts celebrate fonio as a climate-smart crop that thrives in poor soil with little water. Yolélé recognizes its untapped potential to re-green a region suffering from rapid desertification and climate change. The company plans to expand their line into other traditional and impactful African ingredients in the future.

Fonio chips come in 1.5 oz and 5 oz bags and will be available for purchase at in February 2021. Other Yolélé products can be found at retailers including Whole Foods Market, The Fresh Market, Acme, Thrive Market, and at

For more information visit and follow them on Instagram.

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Yolélé was created to share delicious, vibrant West African ingredients with the world, beginning with fonio. Yolélé was co-founded by Phil Teverow, industry veteran, and Pierre Thiam, chef, cookbook author, global ambassador for African cuisine and culture, and longtime advocate for sustainability and biodiversity. Yolélé’s purpose is to create economic opportunity for smallholder farming communities; to promote biodiverse, regenerative farming systems; and to introduce Africa's ingredients to tables around the world.