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  • Applesauce pouches, lead-tainted
    Industry Operations April 12, 2024

    FDA Head Urges Congress to Pass Requisite Lead Test

    Dr. Robert Califf, head of the FDA, called on Congress on Thursday to pass legislation requiring food manufacturers to test for lead in products imported to the U.S.
  • Shrimp in bowl
    Industry Operations April 05, 2024

    Walmart, Aldi Investigate Contaminated Imported Shrimp

    Walmart and Aldi said recently that they were investigating claims of contaminated shrimp coming a facility in India.
  • Cows
    Industry Operations April 05, 2024

    Report: Bird Flu Has Spread to Cattle

    The avian-influenza outbreak is now sickening dairy cattle, temporarily curbing their milk production and prompting some states to increase restrictions...
  • Eggs in carton
    Industry Operations April 04, 2024

    Bird Flu Outbreak May Affect Egg Prices

    Cal-Maine Foods, the U.S.’s largest fresh egg producer, said Tuesday it has halted production following the detection of bird flu on the premises...
  • Cinnamon sticks
    Industry Operations April 01, 2024

    ICYMI: March’s Top Stories

    The most popular articles with SFA News Daily readers in March focused on a recall of cinnamon, changes to retailer operations, and the implications of a recent tragedy.
  • Beakers full of liquid on a white table
    Industry Operations March 13, 2024

    CA Lawmaker Proposes Ban on Seven Additives in Schools

    Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel introduced a bill to ban seven food additives within California’s public school system.
  • Regulatory Update
    Industry Operations By: George Hajjar March 12, 2024

    SFA's Import Alerts 101: How They Impact Makers

    In the recent Regulatory Update webinar, attorney Jeni Lamb Rogers detailed how import alerts can affect businesses that ship products into the U.S.
  • Cinnamon stick
    Industry Operations March 07, 2024

    FDA Recalls Lead-Tainted Cinnamon

    FDA said it is taking additional steps to address lead-tainted cinnamon, including recommending a recall of various ground cinnamon products.
  • Bob's Red Mill Founder in front of mill.
    Industry Operations March 05, 2024

    ICYMI: February's Top Stories

    The most popular articles with SFA News Daily readers in February focused on the passing of a prominent industry figure, retailers considering operational changes, and food safety concerns.
  • FDA in conference room
    Industry Operations February 29, 2024

    FDA Eliminates PFAS in Food Packaging

    The FDA said Thursday that grease-proofing materials containing per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are no longer being sold for use in food packaging in the U.S.
  • Distribution center aerial view.
    Industry Operations February 27, 2024

    Family Dollar Pleads Guilty

    Family Dollar has agreed to plea guilty to a one-count misdemeanor violation relating to acts that caused FDA-regulated products held in Family Dollar Distribution Center 202 to become adulterated.
  • Cinnamon sticks
    Industry Operations February 27, 2024

    Report: Lead-Tainted Applesauce Evaded Detection Despite Checkpoints

    Cinnamon-flavored applesauce pouches sold in 2023 poisoned hundreds of American children with high lead levels.
  • Peanuts in Barrel
    Industry Operations February 22, 2024

    FDA Approves Drug for Severe Food Allergies

    Food allergy drug Xolair was approved by the FDA on Friday to help reduce severe allergic reactions elicited by accidental exposure to certain foods.
  • Industry Operations January 31, 2024

    Simply Organic Awards Food System Grants

  • Industry Operations January 31, 2024

    Report: Food System Shift Could Save Trillions of Dollars