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Hannaford, Flybuy Partner on Pickup

Hannaford Supermarkets unveiled on Monday a new partnership with Flybuy, a location technology platform, to support the grocery retailer’s ‘Hannaford To Go’ pickup service. The technology seeks to improve the current pickup experience while maximizing employee productivity by leveraging location data.

Via the platform, ‘Hannaford To Go’ pickup customers are notified via text message when their order is ready and can click on the link to let the store know when they are on their way to pick up the order, as well as when they have arrived at the store. Customers also receive store-specific pickup instructions.

Through the service, employees are notified when a customer is en route, nearby, and has arrived at the store. These real-time notifications give associates time to finalize the order and deliver it to the customer immediately upon arrival, according to Hannaford.

“We are excited to partner with Flybuy and provide our Hannaford To Go customers with an even more efficient, convenient, and personalized pickup experience,” said Hannaford Supermarkets director of ecommerce and digital marketing, Mark Bradeen, in a statement. “This new feature is in line with our overall strategy to enhance convenience for customers while continuing to deliver the high-quality, fresh items and dependable value synonymous with the brand.”

Flybuy helps businesses establish an eco-friendly off-premise program that reduces their carbon footprint. This effort aligns with Hannaford’s sustainability leadership. In 2021, Hannaford announced that each of its stores donates or diverts all food at risk of going to waste, so it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

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