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Ninety-Three Percent of Americans to Celebrate Halloween

Specialty Food Association

Ninety-three percent of Americans intend to celebrate the Halloween season, according to a survey by the National Confectioners Association.

"The past few years have proven that the confectionery industry is resilient, and Americans remain enthusiastic about enjoying their favorite treats during seasonal celebrations like Halloween with friends and family," John Downs, NCA president & CEO, said in a statement. "Chocolate and candy play a special role during the Halloween season in communities across the country‚Äďand this Halloween promises to be especially impressive as chocolate and candy companies bring consumers classic, innovative, and great-tasting products that enhance the season."

The association projects a 5 percent increase in sales of chocolate and candy for this season, with some starting the festivities earlier, or planning to go bigger.

NCA data also revealed that companies are providing more transparency, choice, and portion guidance when helping consumers manage their sugar intake. Of all of the candy and chocolate sold today, 85 percent comes in packages containing 200 calories or less.

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