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1 Atalanta Plz
Elizabeth, NJ, 07206-2186
(t) 908-351-8000
(f) 908-351-1693

Atalanta Corporation

From the 63rd Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 2542)

Atalanta Corporation is a food importer specializing in cheese, charcuterie, deli meat, grocery and seafood products from around the world. Founded in 1945, Atalanta is the largest privately held food importer in the United States. Our product range has the versatility to meet the requirements of every market, from commodity to specialty.


  • Beemster
  • Casa Diva
  • Celebrity
  • Chimay
  • Coombe Castle
  • Del Destino
  • Il Forteto
  • Menu
  • Solo Italia
  • Zerto
  • Atalanta


  • Baked Goods
    • Crackers
  • Beverages
    • Hot Beverages: Coffee
  • Condiments
    • Pesto
  • Dairy and Eggs
    • Cheese
  • Grain, Cereal, and Pasta
    • Grain, Cereal and Pasta: Full Line
  • Meat/Game/Pâté
    • Cured Meats i.e. Prosciutto/Bacon
  • Oils
    • Oils: Full Line
  • Seafood
    • Tuna
  • Vegetables/Fruit
    • Olives
  • Vinegar
    • Vinegar: Full Line

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Atalanta Corporation
Atalanta Corporation
Steven Kaufman
Jim Garcia
Senior Area Sales Manager
Mari Meriluoto
Christian Stuart
Marketing Coordinator
Jacque Folts
Tradeshow & Events Manager