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The Gracious Gourmet

The Gracious Gourmet produces sophisticated specialty food products. Our products derive their flavors from a variety of cuisines (Indian, European, American).

From the 62nd Summer Fancy Food Show 2016 (booth 2745)

Award-winning all natural, versatile, delicious and easy-to-use line of sophisticated condiments: Dried fruit and mango pineapple chutneys; balsamic four-onion, fig almond, spiced sour cherry (2011 NASFT sofi Gold winner for Outstanding Condiment), cranberry raspberry blood orange, apple caramelized onion, smoky sherry onion, smoky ginger peach, date apricot (new for 2014) and rosemary pear spreads; artichoke parmesan, black olive, chile red pepper, fennel blood orange, portobello mushroom, roasted eggplant and roasted vegetable tapenades; hatch chile (2014 sofi silver winner in foodservice), garden tomato and lemon artichoke pestos. A new Essentials line includes sweet caramelized onions and sautéed mixed mushrooms. Our products are perfect complements to cheese, meat, fish, vegetables, salads, soups sandwiches and even ice cream and may be combined with other ingredients to create memorable hors d'oeuvres, main courses and desserts. We offer standard retail jars and foodservice containers in stock, and can accommodate custom sizes and in single portion pacs. Custom recipe development services available.


The Gracious Gourmet


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The Gracious Gourmet
The Gracious Gourmet
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