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Redondo Iglesias, USA, Inc.

Artisanally aged serrano ham from Spain. Traditionl methodogy through modern technology.

From the 63rd Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 1749)

Redondo Iglesias is a third-generation charcuterie producer recognized in Spain as Maestros del Jamón.  Redondo's ham masters offer artisan-aged Serrano and Iberico hams from Spain.  Our Serrano hams are available in 15 and 20 month varieties, bone-in and boneless. Also available: our Deli Loaf, a trimmed and pressed center cut of our 15-month jamon Serrano for low labor, high yield applications. 

Redondo Iglesias has developed a superior All Natural Serrano, our Gran Reserva Serrano aged 17 months.  It is available boneless and in the Deli Loaf format.  Well aged with good color, and no nitrates or nitrites- just Mediterranean Sea Salt and Time.

 Redondo Iglesias produces Iberico hams and paletas (shoulders) in both Bellota (acorn) and non-Bellota finishes.  Our acorn finished Bellota line is Finca los Llanos by Redondo Iglesias, and the non Bellota line is La Nava Productos Ibericos by Redondo Iglesias. Redondo's offering is unique because we are the only Iberico producer with our own farm giving complete control from start to finish.

Redondo Iglesias also has a retail line- 3oz sliced packages of Jamon Serrano and 2oz presliced packages of La Nava Jamon Iberico.  Available in 2016, Chorizo  in sliced 4oz packs and food service logs.


  • Finca los Llanos Productos Ibericos de Bellota by Redondo Iglesias
  • La Nava Productos Ibericos by Redondo Iglesias
  • Redondo Iglesias

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Redondo Iglesias, USA, Inc.
Redondo Iglesias, USA, Inc.
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Redondo Iglesias, USA, Inc.
April 19

Finca los Llanos Jamon Iberico de Bel...

A dry-cured ham from the west of Spain from the heirloom breed Iberico hog that is pasture-raised for 12-14 months, then finished on acorns. The hams are cured for over 36 months and are a raw product, never smoked or heated. Iberico hogs are known for their extreme marbling and are unique to Spain.