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Arya’s Preservative-Free Rotis Awarded 100% Whole Grain Stamp Ahead of EXPO West Debut

Arya’s Preservative-Free Rotis Awarded 100% Whole Grain Stamp Ahead of EXPO West Debut

Colonia, New Jersey (March 4, 2024) – Just in time for the largest annual gathering of the natural products industry at EXPO West, Arya International is thrilled to announce that its full line of ready-to-eat rotis have qualified for the Whole Grain Council’s 100% Whole Grain Stamp. The familiar yellow logo empowers consumers with the information to select healthy food choices, with the 100% Whole Grain Stamp reserved only for products that use only the whole grain version for any grain ingredient. This achievement reflects Arya’s vision to be a modern Indian kitchen that reimagines traditional Indian foods and flavors with clean plant-based ingredients, convenience and approachability. Available in four flavors, Arya’s rotis will be introduced to retail buyers at the same tradeshow where the Whole Grain Stamp was first revealed in 2005. Meet the Arya team at Booth 4899A of the Anaheim Convention Center, March 13th-16th.

Arya was founded in 2017 by Shridhar Patel, who immigrated to the US with his family as a young teen. After graduating college and building a career in finance, Patel began to notice the lack of homestyle Indian foods in the stores where he and his friends shopped most often. “Outside of ethnic markets, Indian foods seemed limited to jarred condiments, spices or sauces in restaurant-style flavors like butter chicken,” remembers Patel. “I missed the simple, everyday staples that were versatile across any meal or snack. I imagined creating products that would honor our culture by inviting more people to experience it.” Arya’s original roti recipe and production technique were inspired by Patel’s mother, who still keeps a watchful eye over all operations at the company’s New Jersey manufacturing facility.

In 2023, while preparing to expand distribution beyond the ethnic grocery channel, Patel invested in a focused reformulation to elevate the wellness-forward attributes of every ingredient. This effort led to replacing canola oil with pure avocado oil and removing all refined flours. Sold from the deli wall or refrigerated breads section, Arya rotis provide a good source of dietary fiber per serving, and contain zero artificial ingredients, preservatives, added sugars, transfats, starches, gums or yeast. Each pack of 8 rotis is sold in a re-sealable, freezer-friendly pouch for $7.99.

The natural and specialty food trade has given Arya a warm and validating welcome for its new roti, which are accompanied by a vibrant brand and packaging refresh. Since entering the tradeshow circuit last year, Arya has taken home a Specialty Food Association sofi™ Award for its Golden Curry roti and picked up a New Hope Network Editor’s Choice NEXTY for its Spinach Cumin roti at EXPO East. The Golden Curry has also been honored as a 2024 NEXTY Finalist in the Breads and Rolls category for EXPO West.

Patel is hopeful for a similar reception from consumers, with the Whole Grain Stamp helping to drive trust and encourage trial for a new product. A recent survey by the Whole Grains Council showed the Whole Grains Stamp has been successful in getting shoppers to consume more whole grains. Eighty-six percent of all consumers now saying they trust it, with trust polling even higher among young consumers and parents of young children. Three of four consumers surveyed said they would use the stamp as part of their purchasing decision, and most said they would be skeptical of any whole grain claims made on a product that did not use the Whole Grain Stamp. Arya sees a wide market opportunity to become a better-for-you alternative to other flour wraps and tortillas, which use gums, highly processed starches, dough softeners, chemical leavening agents and artificial preservatives, even in organic and whole wheat varieties. Arya proudly joins over 400 companies across 65 countries that place the Whole Grain Stamp on 14,000+ consumer-friendly products.

What’s a Roti?
Sporting a charmingly blistered surface and a supple, chewy-soft texture, roti are an everyday staple in the Indian breadbasket. An unleavened flatbread that accompanies any meal, rotis are traditionally cooked on an ungreased iron tawa, or skillet, puffing into airy balloons much like Mediterranean pita bread. Once cooled, a proper roti reveals paper-thin, flaky layers that make them ideal for scooping up rich sauces, curries or stews. More than a center plate sidekick, Arya’s plant-based rotis are also a satisfying standalone snack, and swap-in seamlessly for any dish that calls for tortillas, wraps, crêpes or lavosh.

About Arya International LLC
Established in 2017, Arya is an award-winning New Jersey-based brand making classic Indian comfort foods with a focus on clean ingredients, convenience and approachability. The certified minority-owned company is committed to preserving authentic tastes and textures through heritage technique, without compromising nutrition. Arya’s flagship line of plant-based, all-natural Rotis are crafted with 100% whole grains, veggies and superfood spices. Arya’s Golden Curry Roti is the recipient of a 2023 sofi™ Award for Best New Product, while its Cumin Spinach Roti won a 2023 Editor’s Choice NEXTY™ for Tasty Discovery, awarded by New Hope Network. For more information about Arya and their products, visit or connect via Linkedin @AryaFoods.


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