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PITTSBORO, NC. 8/18/2021 - Cackalacky® Brand has added Pepper Powder seasoning & dry rub to its specialty product lineup.

Inspired by the brand's Famously Original® Pepper Sauce, Cackalacky® Pepper Powder is an all-natural blend of fiery chile peppers and secret spices. Cackalacky® Pepper Powder was developed to be used especially as a grilling seasoning, BBQ rub, and zesty garnish with everyday family menu items like wings, seafood, fries, omelets, shrimp, tacos, and popcorn.

Cackalacky® Pepper Powder Pairing Suggestions:

★ Wings
★ Tacos
★ Cocktails
★ Omelets
★ Seafood
★ Salads
★ Pizza
★ Burgers
★ Chili
★ Party Dips
★ Fries & Tater Tots
★ Popcorn

About Cackalacky®
Now celebrating more than two decades in business, Cackalacky® is the spice-style brand that specializes in Cackalacky® branded sauces, flavored snacks, beverages, menu items, apparel, outdoor sporting gear, sponsored events, and more.

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