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Clark + Hopkins Launch #UkraineHotSauceMission Targeting $1MM+ for World Central Kitchen

Artisan hot sauce company to donate 100% profits on first 50k units of unique Ukraine Hot Sauce toward WCK efforts for Ukrainian people

VIRGINIA (6/21/23) – Clark + Hopkins, a Virginia-based artisan hot sauce company, announced they will release a Ukrainian-inspired hot sauce this weekend (June 25-27) designed to raise awareness and more than $1 million for World Central Kitchen (WCK) to aid in their Ukrainian efforts.

Ukraine Hot Sauce, an original recipe from three-time Sofi Award winner Clark + Hopkins, uses beets, caraway, dill, and the heat from habaneros to capture the essence of Ukraine through their national dish, borscht. One hundred percent of the profits from the first 50,000 units sold, and $1.00 in perpetuity, will be donated to WCK, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing fresh meals around the world to those in crisis. To date, WCK has served over 200 million meals on the ground in Ukraine.

“We believe in the power of food and community — we are driven by the belief that a hot plate of food is a sign that someone cares.  We are so grateful for Clark + Hopkins tapping into those important elements and supporting Ukraine and our team in this way.” —World Central Kitchen

We were impassioned by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and committed to help in any way we could,” explains Chef Brandon Clark, co-founder of Clark + Hopkins. We found our inspiration in the humanitarian efforts of Chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen as they’ve mobilized on the ground, providing warm and delicious meals to those fleeing Ukraine. We are humbled to support WCK in their vital work, and we hope Ukraine Hot Sauce can introduce a new audience to WCKs mission and provide donations to their cause.”

The mission on behalf of Ukraine further accentuates the local/global philosophy of Clark + Hopkins, the brainchild of Clark, along with partner and co-founder Don Hopkins. The niche culinary business was founded on the principles of world unity and the importance of celebrating the uniqueness of different cultures through culinary exploration. Their current lineup includes 13 individual sauces representing many different regions of the world, including various locations within the United States, India, Ethiopia, South-East Asia, Italy and Mexico. The sauces are more of a culinary sauce than just a topical hot sauce in that you can cook with them.

People relate to each other through commonalities, and there is no universally-shared experience like one’s cuisine,” Clark says. Through foods, we can gain a greater understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures. At Clark + Hopkins, we strive to capture the authenticity of those location-specific flavors and ingredients, then put them into a bottle for all to enjoy. With Ukraine Hot Sauce, people will have the chance to both support the Ukraine cause, but also better understand the tastes of the Ukrainian people. We aim to Bring the World into Your Kitchen.”

Hot sauce lovers and humanitarians alike can learn more about this collaboration at, and Ukraine Hot Sauce will be available for purchase at starting June 25, 2023.  Clark + Hopkins will be debuting Ukraine Hot Sauce at the Fancy Food Show (Booth #6308) June 25-27 at the Javits Center in New York City.

Retailers can find Ukraine Hot Sauce at

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About Clark + Hopkins

Our mission is to bring the world into your kitchen; and our vision is to contribute to a world where differences are celebrated through the shared exploration of unique and delicious culinary experiences from around the planet.

Clark + Hopkins is an award-winning, Virginia based hot sauce and Bloody Mary mix company located in the historic Shenandoah Valley, 65 miles west of Washington, D.C., co-founded by Brandon Clark and Don Hopkins. Their hot sauces have won numerous awards including the 2019, 2020 and 2023 Sofi Awards by the Specialty Food Association.  They are the only hot sauce company to have won it more than once.  Their sauces have also been featured on the hit YouTube series, Hot Ones.

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