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RE Beverages Exhibiting in Booth 4711A

Cape Town, South Africa, 24 June 2024 - RE Beverages will showcase our Cape Botanicals sparkling drinks at the Summer Fancy Foods show!

RE Beverages is a craft non-alcoholic beverage company based in the picturesque surroundings of Cape Town. We produce natural, healthy, and innovative beverages that capture the spirit of the Cape. Our goal is to inspire healthier drink choices by offering natural alternatives to sugary beverages and alcoholic drinks.

Our Cape Botanicals sparkling drink, that was launched in December 2023, consist of complex and unusual botanical inspired flavor combinations. Each Cape Botanical variant consists of a unique blend of three botanicals, citrus and zesty flavors, creating a sophisticated and layered taste that is exceptional:

  • No1 Cape Botanicals Lemongrass, Ginger & Lime – The lemongrass offers a crisp and citrus profile that adds a light and herbal quality to the drink, the ginger adds a gentle kick, providing a warming sensation and the lime adds a burst of tanginess, enhancing the overall freshness of the drink.
  • No2 Cape Botanicals Mint, Lime & Cucumber - Marrying the cool essence of mint, the zesty notes of lime, and the crisp freshness of cucumber in perfect harmony of flavors.
  • No3 Cape Botanicals Elderflower, Pear & Mint - Elderflower adds hints of floral and citrus notes. Pear contributes a juicy and sweet flavor. Mint introduces a crisp and cooling sensation making the beverage feel refreshing and revitalizing.

Cape Botanicals is the premium adult soft drink and ideal choice for consumers that desire a sophisticated drink with intriguing flavors but prefer to steer clear of alcohol. Made from quality natural flavors, containing low sugar and no sweeteners, but still not compromising on taste, Cape Botanicals is the perfect healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks. The versatility of Cape Botanicals is endless and can be enjoyed straight out of the can, in a glass with ice, used as a versatile mixer with your favorite spirit or provide the foundation for a mocktail. The minimalistic packaging has an upmarket and appealing look that compliments the premium and unique drink experience.

For more information: Johan Scholtz, Email: [email protected], Phone: +27824547719