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Filippo Berio enters new category; introduces array of tomato-based sauces delivering rich, fresh, authentic Italian flavors to U.S. consumers

Filippo Berio enters new category; introduces array of tomato-based sauces delivering rich, fresh, authentic Italian flavors to U.S. consumers

Caption: Filippo Berio's lineup of premium homemade-style tomato-based sauces

Traditionally prepared with simple, clean, lavorful ingredients — including 100% Italian tomatoes, high-quality Filippo Berio extra virgin olive oil — new jarred sauces level up the repertoire of home cooks

LYNDHURST, N.J., Feb. 14, 2024 -- Filippo Berio, one of the nation's top-selling olive oil and pesto sauce companies, brings its tradition of excellence to a new product category for the brand: premium homemade-style tomato-based sauces. For the 156-year-old Italian brand, innovation is a constant, and the latest result of Filippo Berio's culinary exploration is the introduction of eight authentic Italian sauces that deliver homemade taste with ease and convenience. Each variety is made with clean, simple and healthy ingredients,leading with 100% Italian tomatoes as well as Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This latest development from Filippo Berio is a natural progression, continuing the company's focus on honoring its heritage by bringing authentic, flavorful and high-quality products to market.

"At Filippo Berio, each new product is a labor of love, and we take our time to ensure that only the finest ingredients can be sourced and prepared to deliver the culinary experience that our consumers expect and deserve," said Dusan Kaljevic, CEO of Filippo Berio USA, Ltd. "Our extensive line of sauces for the U.S. market brings the essence of Italian cuisine and flavors to consumers who desire new, nutritious and convenient preparations that elevate everyday meals, while tasting like they were slowly simmered on the kitchen stove. Further, entering this new category while raising the bar on the choices available provides Filippo Berio with one more opportunity to introduce consumers to the quality and heritage of our brand and diverse product assortment."

With eight varieties — Marinara, Roasted Garlic, Tomato Basil, Olive, Mushroom, Arrabbiata, Traditional Italian and Grilled Vegetable — Filippo Berio's homestyle tomato-based sauces are made with simple, clean, fresh and familiar ingredients. The sauces are all gluten free and lactose free, and are suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. They contain no added sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients, providing consumers added confidence in the contents of each jar and the quality of the final product on their tables.

"At Filippo Berio, we know that quality can never be rushed," says Marco De Feo, VP of Marketing of Filippo Berio USA, Ltd. "We prepare our homemade-style sauces in two stages, cooking vegetables separately from the Italian tomatoes to ensure that we retain the robust flavors of all ingredients. As a result, our sauces are unmatched in their fresh, homemade taste and can be relied upon to enhance any dish. We believe that the exceptional quality of this new homemade-style tomato-based sauce line will spur consumer trial and generate increased demand in the category."

Distinct varieties provide cooks with ample room to play
With a diverse assortment in its product lineup, Filippo Berio offers home cooks a range of flavors to experiment with in the kitchen and keep mealtimes both wholesome and exciting. Consumers might sample different sauces in different combinations with the myriad of pasta types and shapes to land on favorite new preparations. Or, they may consider stocking their pantries with selections from the new lineup to ensure that a convenient and flavorful way to elevate meat, poultry, fish or vegetables for mealtime is always within reach.

Eye-catching labels will distinguish the 24-ounce sauce jars on grocers' shelves, as a distinctive color assortment creates a visual impact of the full breadth and variety of the new premium line. The Filippo Berio name and signature appears on backdrops of the brand's well-known gold tone, which indicates the quality of all its products. The vibrant color also provides a cohesive thread among eight bright hues selected to represent each unique recipe and flavor. The prominent colorful labeling — from bright green for Tomato Basil to fiery orange for Arrabbiata to deep purple for Olive — provides consumers cues to the contents within.

Filippo Berio sauces can be purchased at select retailers beginning summer 2024.

About Filippo Berio:
The Filippo Berio brand has been committed to creating high-quality olive oil for 156 years. Founder Filippo Berio set forth exceptional standards of olive oil production that are still rigorously followed today, with each bottle sold bearing his signature as a seal of the finest olive oil and the brand's promise of quality. From distinctive olive oils to a selection of specialty pestos, wine vinegars, balsamic vinegars and glazes, all featuring the finest ingredients and high production standards, the Italian brand focuses on creating great-tasting and accessible products to elevate the at-home cooking and eating experience. The brand is currently sold in more than 75 countries. In the United States, Filippo Berio is marketed by Filippo Berio USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Salov Group, based in Lucca, Italy. For additional information, please visit

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