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Imagine Real Italian Truffles on your Favorite Nuts! It's a Snacksation

Specialty Food Association

Hrib´s luxury brand Tasty doesn´t offer just another “nut snack” but an unforgettable gourmet experience enriched with our unique nut-coating solution. The specialty from Europe, the real one, uses large pieces of real ingredients on your favorite nuts.

DOBJE, SLOVENIA, February 2022 /-- So, what are the main qualities that make Hrib´s  premium products so exceptional? And differentiates us from our competitors? 

Firstly, we use real ingredients - not flavor-infused oils or salts or powders, but real Italian truffles and real Italian olives, real French cheese, real seeds, real herbs, and real spices. Making authentic flavor profiles is very important for us.

Secondly, ingredients are clearly visible. We coat the nuts with real pieces of different ingredients - that you can see, taste and smell - and are significantly bigger than our competitors’. 

Finally, ingredients actually stick and don‘t fall off the nuts in the packaging. We've developed a specialized process allows the perfect coating of the nuts.

Find out more about our premium nutsnack collection and extensive range of other products.

Visit our Winter Fancy Food Show booth Nr. 3732!


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