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The Perfect Pair Takes The (Wedding) Cake; Wins $40,000 Grand Prize

LOS ANGELES (June 29, 2021) - A very lucky bride-to-be who has spent the past 18+ months putting burn and trauma victims ahead of her personal dreams just won the chance of a lifetime to put herself and her fiance first for a magical day. And she won’t have to worry about the bill.

After hundreds of submissions and four weeks of consumer voting, Barnana snacks and Bitchin’ Sauce announce that Steven Nunez and Lisa Rosa from Arlington, Virginia have been awarded the $40,000 Grand Prize to put towards the wedding of their dreams. After the pandemic paused their plans to marry, this couple will finally have a chance to tie the knot in front of their friends and family in September 2022.

Steven and Lisa were one of the hundreds of love stories received during the Perfect Chip To My Dip Contest. After four finalist couples were selected, each couple made their case for why they were most deserving to receive the prize. While it was a tight race between all four couples, only one could take the wedding cake as the Grand Prize winners.

A sweet story: Lisa Rosa and Steven Nunez from Arlington, Virginia

Steven is a true romantic. He and Lisa had been together for 9 years before he finally saved up enough money to afford the ring that Lisa, a cancer survivor and nurse, deserved. He proposed just six weeks before much of the country went into a lockdown in 2020. The excited couple immediately began planning their special day, but hopes of a 2020 wedding were dashed soon after. They couldn’t even dream of a micro-wedding because Lisa was caring for burn and trauma patients at a D.C.-based hospital where patients were too often testing positive for COVID. Going forward with a wedding before an available vaccine would have exposed vulnerable friends and family to the virus.   

The perfect pair, now a decade into their relationship, say the pandemic brought them even closer together because they had to become each other’s primary support system through tough and long days. They are looking forward to finally having their moment surrounded by family and friends. Steven surprised his fiance with the romantic gesture of entering this contest but not expecting to take home the title.

“This still feels surreal given how uncertain the past year or so has been,” said Steven Nunez, future groom and winner of The Perfect Chip To My Dip contest. “When I entered this contest on behalf of Lisa and myself, I never dreamed that we’d have a chance at winning the prize. Now we have the opportunity to create a once-in-a-lifetime memory for ourselves, our family, and friends.”

In fact, when Steven and Lisa were notified on a video call that they were the winners by Caue Suplicy, founder of Barnana, and Starr Edwards, founder of Bitchin’ Sauce, the couple admitted that they had originally planned on holding a smaller ceremony and reception. However, so many people helped them on their journey during the contest, they believe that their celebration may now be a bit larger.

While they are still unsure if they’ll marry in New York or hold a destination wedding somewhere tropical, this happy couple is eager to finally plan their wedding and celebrate their perfect-pair kind of love.

Barnana and Bitchin’ Sauce are both brands that believe in creating great-tasting snacks made from all natural, plant-based ingredients. Consumers can create their own perfect chip and dip pairings with Barnana Plantain Ridged Chips or Barnana Plantain Tortilla Chips with an assortment of Bitchin’ Sauces like lemon garlic Original and smoky Chipotle.      

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About Barnana

Barnana’s mission is to provide innovative, healthier, delicious, banana-based snacks while minimizing its impact on the environment. Barnana is a certified B-Corporation, focused on expanding its partnerships with farmers and indigenous communities in the Amazon. Barnana can be found in major retailers nationwide including Costco, Whole foods, Kroger, Safeway and online at Amazon and

About Bitchin’ Sauce

Bitchin' Sauce: The Almond Dip! Bitchin’ Sauce is made out of raw California almonds and is Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher, and Project Non-GMO Certified. Originally created by Starr Edwards in the San Diego farmers markets, Bitchin' Sauce has single-handedly pioneered the nut-based dip category, expanding their distribution from coast to coast. Try out their creamy dips on your favorite savory foods — from fish tacos to Bitchin’ Burgers! Bitchin’ Sauce can be found in major retailers nationwide such as Costco, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, etc.