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New innovations in packaging allow hometown favorite Fanci Freez® milkshakes to be sold in retail stores, moving them from menu to market and pioneering a new era in the grocery aisle. 

Boise, IDAHO – March 25, 2024 – Embarking on a trail-blazing journey of culinary ingenuity, Fanci Freez, a beloved restaurant brand with locations in Boise, Idaho and Meridian, Idaho, has teamed up with Pivot North Consulting / PNC Specialty Foods (Arizona) to redefine the consumer experience.

Elevating their renowned milkshakes from local acclaim to a product positioned for national distribution, Fanci Freez introduces a pioneering concept with its’ frozen enjoy-at-home soft-serve milkshakes.

Out of the gate, Fanci Freez milkshakes have been a tremendous success at the Albertson’s locations where the product is being sold. 

While Fanci Freez Restaurants have landed on Best of Boise’s Winner’s List year after year, now the brand is flying out of retail freezer cases in select stores with its’ innovative CPG product line.

Why milkshakes?  Fanci Freez owner, Bill Hawes, provides his insight on why it was important to debut with this very popular menu item.  “People love our milkshakes enough that we thought we would open a third location of Fanci Freez. It was right about that time that Gail [Kurpgeweit] from PNC called with a completely new idea. She knew how we could take our shakes to market in a unique way that would capitalize on a new market segment.” 

Patent-pending technology was required to accomplish bringing a soft-serve milkshake product to the grocery aisle. Soft-serve ice cream is served at temperatures in the 18°F to 23°F range, while grocery store freezers are kept in the -3°F to -6°F range.  Until now, they have been incompatible. However, the PNC-developed, patent-pending packaging allows consumers to enjoy this creamy, decadent ice cream treat at home – just microwave for 30 seconds, stir, and enjoy.

When developing this technology, Bill was committed to maintaining the integrity of their beloved milkshakes and tasked Pivot North’s R&D team with finding a way to package the product without adding chemicals or additives. “I believe our restaurant and retail product success is attributable to sticking with quality products and ingredients… Quality is a top priority for us in everything we do.” 

Exclusive Partnership with Albertsons

Fanci Freez partnered exclusively with Albertsons for the debut launch of its groundbreaking product. Launched in June of 2023, Fanci Freez Milkshakes are now readily available in select Boise-area Albertsons stores, bringing a taste of the beloved Fanci Freez experience to households throughout the community.

The relationship between Fanci Freez and Albertsons continues to grow, with expansion to new doors planned in Q1 2024.

Gaining Traction in a Competitive Category

Bill expressed his reaction to the popularity of the Fanci Freez products.  “I’ve been surprised that we are outselling many of the well-known brands in the freezer aisle. Credit to Gail. Gail has identified and executed on so many of the moving parts to this rollout that we could never do on our own. 

Gail Kurpgeweit, Founder and CEO of Pivot North Consulting / PNC Specialty Foods, agrees that her company’s massive commitment to supporting retailers and the locations where their food products are sold has been the game-changer for Fanci Freez and other new and emerging brands she represents in highly competitive categories. 

“We are committed to supporting our Retail partners by driving traffic into their locations with innovative, high-demand products and strong marketing, merchandising and in-store demo programs.  We look at Retailer shelves as highly valuable real estate – once we’re on the shelf, it’s our job to move product quickly and profitably for all stakeholders involved. Getting on the shelf is just the first step – staying there, and gaining territory, takes a massive commitment to consumers, our Retailer partners, and the food brands we represent.” 

Positioned for Expansion
The success of Fanci Freez's soft-serve milkshakes has paved the way for expansion outside the Boise, Idaho area.  The brand is currently positioned for distribution into retail stores in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Washington just in time for the 2024 ice cream season. 

In Summary
In summary, Fanci Freez and Pivot North Consulting | PNC Specialty Foods have redefined the consumer experience by introducing soft-serve milkshakes to grocery shelves with innovative packaging and patent-pending technology. The #1 seller* in its category at the select Boise-area Albertsons locations where it is being sold, Fanci Freez's milkshakes have successfully made the transition from menu to market, becoming popular in freezer cases. . The collaboration between Fanci Freez and Pivot North has not only led to a successful retail debut but also a fun and inspiring journey, contributing to the brand's outselling of many well-known names in the freezer aisle. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and strategic partnerships, Fanci Freez is now poised for expansion beyond Boise, venturing into new markets in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Washington in the upcoming ice cream season of 2024. The success story of Fanci Freez's soft-serve milkshakes reflects the dedication of Fanci Freez, Pivot North Consulting and Albertsons to delivering exceptional products and experiences to consumers while continuing to grow and thrive in a competitive market.

*Average per week sales by dollar from 6/24/23 - 8/9/23

About Fanci Freez
Fanci Freez Restaurants have been a staple in the Boise community since 1947.  Consistently voted Best of Boise and Best of Meridian for their delicious, innovative burgers, milkshakes and Fanci sodas, Fanci Freez is now emerging as a leader in the CPG food products retail industry as well. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Fanci Freez continues to push the boundaries of the restaurant and retail industries. 

About Pivot North Consulting | PNC Specialty Foods
Pivot North Consulting and its’ Brokerage/Distribution division, PNC Specialty Foods, is dedicated to helping Restaurant brands build a profitable, parallel revenue stream by incorporating a retail strategy for their most popular menu items.  Its’ proprietary “Menu to Market®” system continues to bring the restaurant experience to consumer homes across the U.S. through product development, manufacturing, distribution and by growing its’ strategic partnerships with national Retailers. 

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