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Savannah Bee Company Launches Hot Honey

Specialty Food Association

Savannah Bee Company launches its first hot honey after nearly a decade of R&D.

Savannah, Ga, December 30th, 2021 - Known for sourcing the world’s finest honey, Ted Dennard, the founder of Savannah Bee Company held back on releasing this product until it met his standards of top quality. While teaching people to make hot honey at home, and teasing buyers with samples of hot honey at tradeshows for years, Ted refrained from releasing an official product until his recipe elevated the hot honey market.

“We didn’t invent honey, but we did elevate honey to a level nobody knew could be achieved. Now we’ve done the same thing with our new hot honey! It only takes one taste to know that it is made from the best ingredients.” – Ted Dennard, founder, CEO, and head beekeeper

Savannah Bee Company hot honey is a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. It is infused with sweet wildflower honey, and heat from both scotch bonnet and habanero peppers. It pairs perfectly with pizza, enhances the flavor of any dish as a marinade, is perfect to drizzle on top of meat and vegetables, and is great to stir into a margarita for a spicy cocktail.

You can purchase Savannah Bee Company Hot Honey in one of their 14 retail locations or online:


Ted Dennard founded Savannah Bee Company in 2002 with the mission to sell the best honey and beehive products while educating people about the fascinating world of honeybees. The company continues to operate by this mission, producing honey products and body care products made with ingredients from the hive. Additionally, Savannah Bee Company is a co-founder of the Bee Cause Project, a not-for-profit that aims to educate the youth about the important role bees play in our ecosystem.