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Smo' Better Food Company Now Selling Nuts

Specialty Food Association

After rave reviews of Rabbi Rub, we at Smo' Better Food Company are adding another product that customers will go nuts for: cashews.

Inspired by flavors from Mexico, the Middle East, and across Europe, our chef, who boasts twenty-five years of culinary experience, created this top-tier snack. Sourced from sustainable ingredients, while being responsibly packaged, these nuts will make you feel spoiled, all while keeping your carbon footprint small.

Smo' Better Food Company recognizes we live in a world where the reduction of our carbon footprint is an achievable goal. That is why we offer our customers world-class products and flavors while using ingredients that are sustainable. We produce packaging with our social consciousness in mind, resulting in responsible packaging that limits damage to the environment.

Rather than cover the taste of our base ingredients, we work to enhance those natural flavors with high-quality spice choices. Our Cashew Nuts still taste like cashews, but our spices bring it to another level of satisfaction.

Inspired by his daughter Lily's curiosity, Chef Alex Bar-Sela sought to help customers around the world taste cuisines they might not otherwise have access to. He hopes to help customers rediscover their love for natural, sustainable ingredients while experiencing the flavors of top-quality cuisine. Through his creations, he hopes to inspire his customers to bring back healthy foods with excellent taste.

The world has become a smaller place in recent years. We believe there is more reason than ever to share our products with customers around the globe. Our professional chef brings his years of experience into his creations, resulting in top-quality snacks with flavors you'll love.

What you can expect from Smo' Better Foods

- World-Class Flavors - experience the world through your tastebuds

- Sustainable Ingredients - allowing the continuous availability of all ingredients

- Responsible Packaging - keeping your carbon footprint small

- Real Flavor - no smothered flavors