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The CHITOS and GREEN COLA announce joint forces under "GREEN BEVERAGES"

Specialty Food Association

The CHITOS and GREEN COLA groups, in extension of their very successful commercial cooperation for the exclusive distribution of the latter's products from the former in the Greek market, announce their decision to join forces for a joint course of the brands of both groups in international markets. For this purpose, a joint company was established under the name “GREEN BEVERAGES GROUP PLC” (“GREEN BEVERAGES”) based in the United Kingdom.

In Greece, CHITOS A.V.E. and GREEN COLA HELLAS S.A. continue their activity as autonomous legal entities. Their production will continue to take place in Greece, where the group operates eight bottling lines, and at a dozen third-party production facilities globally, but will also be further strengthened through an investment program that is already underway. The headquarters of the two companies will also remain in Greece.

Through this collaboration, the CHITOS and GREEN COLA Groups aim to exploit the expanded portfolio of non-alcoholic beverages, by strengthening the presence of their products in the foreign markets where they are already active (America, Europe, Middle East) but also the joint entering new geographic markets, (Asia, Australia, Latin and South America) capitalizing on growth opportunities at a global level, as a result of consumer trends that are increasingly turning to natural and healthy products. 

Green Beverages products are currently sold, in retailers, including Sainsbury’s, Holland and Barret and Amazon in the UK, as well as Kroger, Whole Foods, HEB, Market Basket, Meijer, Stop & Shop, Amazon and in the US (among many others in many countries). Together, Green Cola and Chitos have routes to market in 46 countries around the world.

With the creation of GREEN BEVERAGES in London, the plan foresees direct access to international investment funds, which will be directed primarily to individual markets abroad but also to the financing of the group's joint investment and development plans. This plan also includes the intention to introduce GREEN BEVERAGES to the foreign stock market.

The new company's vision is to become the most innovative company in the world in the field of healthy (better for you) non-alcoholic beverages, creating value for society and following the international trend of consumers shifting to healthier eating patterns, for soft drinks and beverages with great taste but without the addition of sugar and preservatives, as well as its expansion into other innovative bottled water categories.