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Yarmouth, Maine, January 19, 2021 – WATCHAREE’S, a leading national brand of authentic ready-to-eat Thai sauces, has launched a new Heritage line of sauces that embody Thailand’s distinctive culinary traditions.  Created by Watcharee Limanon, a recognized Thai culinary artist from Bangkok, the new line is manufactured in Thailand from fresh, premium quality ingredients, including aromatic herbs and spices and rich coconut milk. Items in the new line include peanut sauce, red curry sauce and coconut curry sauce, and are inspired by different Thai regional traditions.

“There is really no one Thai cuisine,” said Watcharee. “Most Thai restaurants in the U.S. serve dishes influenced by the food culture from the central plains and Bangkok with its royal cuisine and even street food. There are also other regional cuisines in Thailand that reflect diverse cultural influences and draw on local ingredients.  The food from the north, for example, is more rustic and features more grilling and mountain herbs, while the south is known for its supremely spicy curries, fresh coconuts and abundant seafood.  With our new Heritage line, we are capturing these special traditions and flavors in authentic, ready-to-eat sauces.”

WATCHAREE’S Heritage Thai peanut sauce, which is inspired by a recipe from Bangkok, is the spicy sidekick of satay, but also brings a tangy warmth to salads, tofu, noodles or wraps.  The red curry sauce, a mainstay in southern Thailand, is bursting with turmeric, while the coconut curry sauce, known as khao soi, a rich and comforting noodle soup from northern Thailand.

Heritage line sauces are available in single-use, multi-serving 7 oz. pouches, and are non-GMO verified, gluten free and vegan with no artificial preservatives or other additives.

About Watcharee. Watcharee Limanon, a recognized culinary artist from Bangkok, has handcrafted exquisite Thai sauces from premium quality coconut milk, fragrant spices and other traditional ingredients to capture the subtle richness of Thai flavors.  In creating her sauces, Watcharee combines time-honored recipes with modern convenience to create an authentic culinary experience. Thai Culinary Arts Studio LLC, which manufactures WATCHAREE’S brand, is a certified woman-owned small business.

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