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Introducing AQUA NOBEL Enhanced Waters!

BLOOMFIELD, NJ (February 3, 2022) – World Finer Foods is proud to announce the launch of Aqua Nobel, a new line of sustainable, alkaline and flavored waters, enhanced with vitamins and minerals and sourced in Sweden. The water category is changing, and consumers are looking for products that not only taste great but also have a positive impact on individual health and the global environment. To fill this need, Aqua Nobel is reinventing hydration with a range of delicious, sustainable waters. 

The water is sourced from Southern Sweden, where through centuries of migration, it is filtered and purified by layers of sandstone, moraine, slate, and gneiss before settling deep underground.  Aqua Nobel’s factory is built directly above this underground source, avoiding the need for tanks or pipelines and minimizing the brand’s environmental footprint.  Additionally, for its cartons Aqua Nobel uses paper certified from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ensuring that all materials are sourced from sustainable forests, and a plant-based cap made from organic sugarcane.  As a result, our BPA-NI packages are 76% renewable and 100% recyclable Earth-friendly cartons. That’s wellness for you and the environment.

At the source, Aqua Nobel’s water has a pH value of 8.2, which makes it the highest alkaline content of any boxed water in the market today.  This water is used for our unflavored alkaline offering and as the base for our three flavored options: Lemon + Ginger, Watermelon + Raspberry, & Blood Orange + Grapefruit.  On top of each flavor being artfully crafted to align with the latest consumer flavor trends, each Aqua Nobel offering is infused with a unique Vitamin and nutrient blend to maximize the health benefits of each flavor and ensure a positive consumer experience.

“There is growing demand for better-for-you beverages that are also better for the environment. That is why we are incredibly excited to bring to market Aqua Nobel with its range of high-quality water, alkaline at the source, which is infused with nutrients and fruit essences. And thanks to its packaging made with plant-based, recyclable materials, the environmental impact is significantly reduced,” says Robin Wingårdh, CEO of Aqua Nobel.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Aqua Nobel team in the development of this value-added line of enhanced waters that directly speaks to the needs of U.S. consumers. “Gulpable” flavors with vitamins and minerals, eye-catching bottle and case graphics, sustainable packaging and robust promotional support all set up this brand for long-term success,” said Susan Guerin, President and CEO of World Finer Foods.

Welcome to Aqua Nobel, where we are on a mission to reinvent hydration and improve the lives of our customers and consumers.

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About Aqua Nobel

Aqua Nobel is an alkaline spring water from Mörarp, just outside Helsingborg, Sweden. The source is located at a depth of 345 feet below the fine Skåne mill and was discovered in 1964. For 100 years, the water has wandered and been purified through layers of sandstone, moraine, slate, and gneiss to finally reach the source where it is tapped - completely clean and without external impact. Since 2016, the spring water has been sold under the Aqua Nobel brand. The water has a fine balanced and natural mineralization with a high pH value of 8.2. The water is free from colorants and added sugar and the flavors are from fruit infusions and natural aromas.

The climate-smart packaging is made of recyclable material from paper from Swedish forests, and the plant-based cap consists mostly of sugarcane. The packaging is easy to hold and can be reclosed to suit consumers on the go. For more information on Aqua Nobel, visit: