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Belcampo Farms Shares Greenhouse Gas Inventory for 2020

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Belcampo Farms has released its greenhouse gas inventory for 2020, showing that its burgers have a net negative impact on carbon emissions. The sustainable meat company shared that 28 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent were sequestered for each 8-ounce Belcampo burger produced. This is equal to removing the emissions of a typical passenger car driving approximately 32 miles, according to data from the EPA.

In addition, the company’s Double Fast Burger removes 21 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent while the Single Fast Burger removes 10.5 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent.

In 2020, Belcampo Farms removed a net 23,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere; this number reflects the total carbon sequestration from its regenerative grazing minus the emissions from all the company’s commercial activities, which include enteric methane, transportation, last-mile fulfillment, restaurant operations, and all other farming practices and processes.

“Meat that is actually good for the environment sounds like a radical idea, but it’s actually a more traditional way to farm and the science proves it captures carbon from the air and stores it in the soil,” said Anya Fernald, co-founder of Belcampo Farms, in a statement. “We hear a lot about how bad meat is for the environment, but the reality is that the way in which meat is farmed by our community of farmers is drastically different in terms of environmental impact. For every half-pound of meat we sold in 2020, we removed 28 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere.”

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Image: Belcampo Farms