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Honey Mama's Expands Whole Foods Offerings

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Female-founded and Oregon-based Honey Mama’s has expanded its refrigerated cocoa truffle bars to all Whole Foods Market stores across the country. The truffle bars are made with organic whole food ingredients such as raw honey, unrefined coconut oil, cocoa or cacao powder, Himalayan pink salt, and either sprouted almonds, shredded coconut, or sesame seeds.

"When I started the company in 2013, my goal was to become an integral part of the better-for-you food conversation by offering consumers a win-win: an old world, decadent treat that is also incredibly nourishing to the body and mind," said Christy Goldsby, founder of Honey Mama's, in a statement. "Launching nationally at Whole Foods is an exciting amplification of our voice in such an important conversation about taking care of ourselves through our food choices."

Honey Mama’s cocoa truffle bars come in three different flavors—Lavender Rose, Tahini Tangerine, and Peruvian Raw—and are available in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods stores nationwide for $5.99 each.

"Honey Mama's passionate cult-following is fueled by our ability to offer a uniquely memorable experience in the world of chocolate, and a new way to think about health and indulgence. The past decade has seen a shift to premium natural brands like never before, uplifted by enormous demand for clean ingredients, nourishing whole foods, and a special product experience," said Jared Schwartz, CEO of Honey Mama's, in a statement. "Expanding to national distribution affirms what Honey Mama's has been doing for years – creating the highest quality premium product that leading retailers like Whole Foods know they can count on to thrive at the national level. This vote of confidence unlocks tremendous new potential growth across the business."

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Image: Honey Mama's