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Incubator Kitchens Bring Brands to Fancy Food 24/7

Specialty Food Association

University-affiliated incubator kitchens, Drexel Food Lab, a food product development and culinary innovation lab that is part of Drexel University, and the Food Innovation Center at Rutgers University, a food business incubator and accelerator that is part of the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, have brought some of the manufacturers with which they work, to Fancy Food 24/7 as part of its Incubator Village.

Sasa’s Mix, which works with Drexel Food Lab, makes nutritious West African inspired baking mixes that provide a new twist on traditional foods. The recipes have been passed down through generations of founder Niaka Porte’s family.

Matriark Foods also works with Drexel Food Lab. The certified women-owned business diverts nutritious vegetables from landfills and turns them into plant-based sauces and soups.

Heirzoom Bakery, which works with the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, offers ethnic baked goods. Founder Diane Holtaway draws inspiration from her Aunt Betty who would mix, roll, fill, and bake dozens of buttery, jam-filled Hungarian pastries.

Jersey Girl Hot Sauce Company also works with the Rutgers Food Innovation Center. Its flavor originates from a sweet potato base and eight different types of peppers. Rather than blend its ingredients, the food maker pulses them so that you can taste the farm fresh ingredients.  

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